Tuesday, March 28, 2023

‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Finally Gets a Release Date

PARAMOUNTSTAR TREK SERIES'Star Trek: Discovery' Finally Gets a Release Date

Star Trek: Discovery finally gets a release date.

The show will premiere on Sunday, September 24 on CBS and will be available on-demand on CBS All Access. The second episode of the series will be available on CBS All Access the same night, immediately following the show’s premiere on CBS.

After the premiere, new episodes will be available on CBS All Access weekly on Sunday. The season, which consists of 15 episodes, will release in two parts. The first eight episodes will run from September 24 through November 5. The second part of the series will resume in January 2018.

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The show had many prior release dates, with production kept being pushed back throughout the year. It seems like this will be the final release date.

For more information, head to StarTrek.com.

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