MegaCon 2017: Meeting Billy West, Paige O’Hara, Tom Wilson & Felicia Day!

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One of the great things about conventions – and particularly MegaCon – is the ability to meet some of the guests who attend the shows. MegaCon is great about bringing guests in and they’re always very organized and ran smoothly.

This year, we decided to meet a few guests including Billy West, Paige O’Hara, Tom Wilson and Felicia Day!

Billy West
Billy West is a voice actor icon, voicing some of your favorites such as Doug and characters from Futurama. We purchased a great piece of Futurama art from one of the artists in Artist Alley (a gathering of artists who showcase and sell their work) and we brought that to Billy to sign. He loved all the characters on it, and to our surprise started doing the voices from Futurama for us! He was really sweet, and took his time talking to us and signing a famous quote from Futurama on the poster.

Paige O’Hara
Paige is a Disney legend. She’s the original voice of Belle from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. Her line was long, and tickets were given out to come back at a specific time so that you weren’t spending all day in line. This was a great system, so that you could enjoy other aspects of the convention and come back to meet her. We had a great Beauty and the Beast artwork for her to sign, and when we got to her she was so nice and engaging. For a lot of people, myself included, you watched Beauty and the Beast growing up and it was really exciting to meet her and for her to be so nice.

Tom Wilson
After seeing Tom Wilson’s panel we knew we had to meet him. We were nervous (obviously he plays one of the most famous bullies in movie history!) but he could not have been nicer! He shook our hands as we talked to him about another project of his that we loved, and was really engaging. It was really great to see – especially when at one point he had to leave to do photo-ops and walked through the entire line that was waiting for his autograph giving everyone a high-five!

Felicia Day
We love Felicia Day. We love her in Supernatural and we love her in Dr. Horrible’s Sing-A-Long Blog. I knew when we got up to her that we’d tell her about Supernatural, and how much we missed her on the show, since her character was so beloved. When we approached her, we got a photo from Dr. Horrible for her to sign with one of my favorite quotes. She was SO nice. I told her how much we really loved and missed her on Supernatural and how great her character of Charlie was. She really took that to heart, and said thank you and then talked about how much she missed being on the show. One of the cool parts was later in her panel, she talked about how she was talking to someone who came to her table to talk about Supernatural and how we made her think about how much she truly missed it. What an awesome experience!

MegaCon is definitely a convention you can’t miss!!

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