MegaCon 2017: Felicia Day Talks ‘Supernatural’, Gaming & More!

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Felicia Day was at MegaCon this year, and during her panel (which was completely full) a lot of fans asked questions about Supernatural, gaming, and more.

We met Felicia earlier in the day and had mentioned, among a few other things, about how much we loved and missed her on Supernatural. She told us just how much she missed working on the show, with the actors and the crew, and that she’d love to come back and that “you never know” since on Supernatural if your character is dead, you’re never really sure if they stay that way. She also told us how much it meant to her that we said we missed and Charlie.

During her panel, someone asked her what it was like working with Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles. She stated that “someone reminded her earlier of how much she missed it.” This was really cool – seeing as how this was the conversation she had with us. She went on to tell a fun story about working with Jared and Jensen – and how she was in a scene where she was supposed to be taking a shot of alcohol as Charlie, and off camera, when it was Jensen’s turn to film, she threw it back and it went all over her face; something Jensen had a hard time keeping a straight face about on camera.

She also attested to Robbie Thompson’s writing of the character and that “Charlie wasn’t defined by her geekiness, she was enhanced by it.”

She talked about how she’d love to come back to the show, and if asked, she would be back in a heartbeat. One other small fun fact: someone asked her if she could be on any animated series – what would it be? She mentioned she’s done Adventure Time, as well as being on an upcoming episode of My Little Pony – but she also said she’d love to be on Scooby Doo – which Supernatural recently announced they were doing an episode of Scooby Doo.

At the end of her panel, Felicia and the moderator brought up a couple where the man proposed to his girlfriend. It was a really sweet moment.

We’d love to see Charlie – and Felicia – back on Supernatural in any capacity. Felicia is just an amazing person; it was evident in the way she talked to everyone and treated everyone at the convention.

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