A Letter to Comic-Con HQ: Renew Kings of Con

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Dear Comic-Con HQ,

As a follow-up to our article exclaiming why we believe Kings of Con Needs (and Deserves) a Second Season, we are writing with a simple request: please renew Kings of Con.

We have been singing the praises of Kings of Con since the show’s beginning. The comedic duo of Rob Benedict and Richard Speight Jr. has added a fresh perspective to the world of conventions that focuses not on the fans, but the behind the scenes trials and wild tribulations of the actors. With a dynamic supporting cast (including Matt Cohen, Osric Chau, Kim Rhodes, Sebastian Roche, Carly Nykanen, Gil McKinney, Kurt Fuller, Jayden Lund, Alaina Huffman, Lindsay Sloane, and others), the show has the whole package. Some of the most memorable scenes were small interactions between Rob or Rich and someone in their merry band of misfits. Some of our favorites include: the workout scene between Matt and Rich, the closet scene in which the entire group is asking Rob to consider #WWBKD, the Rob and Sue aggressive kitchen kiss, and the sweet sixteen birthday party in which Rich gets tossed out the window.

What is unique about Kings of Con is the combination of comedy and depth that the series showcases in the relationship between Rich and Rob. Each episode delves into a wild anecdote that happens at a particular convention. Much of those stories stand alone and are hilarious independent of the greater arc of the series, which makes the show one you can just jump into at any time. But, in our opinion the true gift that Kings of Con gives its audience is the depth of Rob and Rich both as individuals and in their friendship/partnership/soulmate-ship. Comedy shows sometimes veer into dangerous territory in making their characters more caricatures than fully realized human beings, Kings of Con does the exact opposite.

This past month, Rich and Rob hosted a screening and Q & A session at Tumblr headquarters in New York. Something they addressed was the complex nature of their characters’ experiences and why this was an important factor for the show to focus on.They discussed the challenges the characters are grappling with in their lives. Rob is basically a semi-functioning alcoholic who is on the verge of divorce. Rich is somewhat lonely and lost, having experienced his own tribulations in love and life. Their characters are endearing, relatable, but also deeply flawed and sad. The last episode had heart-wrenching moments that left us wanting more. One of the best scenes of the entire season, was their car ride back to the airport at the end. The deep care they have for each other, and hope they have for their future is understated but urgent. Their portrayal is not just a testament to the acting, but also to the nuanced writing. Being able to write about such complex topics while also making their audience simultaneously cry-laugh is unique.

We say all of this in our efforts to urge you to renew Kings of Con. It is, in our opinion, the best thing we have seen on your platform. There are other gems, like the Her Universe Fashion Show and Mark Hamill’s Pop Culture Quest, but Kings of Con stands out as the most excellent and necessary part of your lineup. We want to see what happens next in Rob and Rich’s wild adventures.

So, the ball is in your court, broheims. Will you be renewing Kings of Con? We hope so.


Nerds and Beyond

PS While you’re at it, please also renew Kings of Conversation. It’s kind of magical, and we also love it.

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