REVIEW: “Kings of Con” – Episode 10 – Arlington, VA

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It’s hard to believe Season 1 of Kings of Con ended a week ago, but it sure concluded on an incredible note. Along with tuning in for the final episode, a trending party was started on Twitter urging Comic-Con HQ to renew Kings of Con. The hashtag quickly became a trending topic on Twitter.

In episode 10, Rob and Rich are at a convention and have bought several photo ops with Justin and Jaden (guest starts Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles) in an attempt to pitch them their latest idea for a television series. During their first op, they go up to the guys who introduce themselves as though they have never met before. Rob and Rich tell them that they are with the convention circuit and have been on the show. Still not picking up who Rob and Rich are, Justin and Jaden conclude that two must be with catering. They are quickly herded off by Kurt the photographer and security. Discouraged because they didn’t get to finish their pitch, Rich suggests that they buy more ops to finish talking to Justin and Jaden. Rob protests due to the cost of the photo ops, but Rich talks him into it stating that it is an investment for themselves. Several ops later, they finally finish their pitch, only to have Justin and Jaden inform them that they don’t do procedural type shows.

Rob heads back to his hotel room, where he video calls his friend Doug (Misha Collins) to tell him what happened. Doug gives him a pep talk while preparing dinner for Angus the monkey. Still not quite feeling up to snuff, Rob goes over to visit Rich in his hotel room. While talking to one another, they come up with the idea to produce a show based off of their experiences of con life, and the adventures they’ve had while on the convention circuit because they are living the show. Their plan becomes to make the show with Rob writing and Rich directing.

The two then head to the green room to brainstorm. Matt sees them talking and asks if he can be the lead in their show. While talking, Rich comes up with the name “Con Jockeys” for their new show. Carly (Lindsay Sloane) introduces the two to the two leads of Condor Valley, who are creating a similar show. Bernie Kopell rejoined the cast this episode and with the rest of the cast that was at the con and the actors from Condor Valley, snubbed Rob and Rich. After the con on the way to the airport, Rob and Rich became more and determined to make the show.

To say that Rich and Rob have left us wanting for more of this show is a bit of an understatement. From the show itself, to the live stream after party, Kings of Con has become a big part of Tuesday nights for many. There are not enough good things that I can say about this show. Rob and Rich are a dynamic that makes the conventions they host so special, and this satirical look behind the curtain they’ve given us has made Kings of Con one of my favorite shows. And, I’m not alone. With the trending party on Twitter – that even the cast joined in on – #RenewKOC became a worldwide trending topic. Even though the show may be over for now, all the episodes of Season 1 are still available on iTunes, Amazon, and Comic-Con HQ.

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