Why NBC’s “Timeless” Should Be Renewed

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This fall, one of our most anticipated shows was NBC’s Timeless. I was drawn into the series as a fan of Supernatural, since Supernatural‘s creator, Eric Kripke, had co-created this series with Shawn Ryan (The Shield). I was also a fan of one of the actors they chose as a lead, Matt Lanter, from CW’s Starcrossed and Star Wars: The Clone Wars. The cast also included Abigail Spencer, Malcolm Barrett and Goran Visnjic, all of whom have been in many different films and series.

The concept is what ultimately drew me in – a series where a group gets to travel through time, to all different significant historical events every week. The three main characters, Wyatt (Lanter), Rufus (Barrett) and Lucy (Spencer) join together to track down a criminal (Visnjic) who has stolen a time machine and is intent on changing the past.


As you watch the series, you realize that things may not be that simple. There’s many twists and turns to the story that keeps you tuning in every week. Just in the first 11 episodes, you already travel with the characters to the Hindenburg, The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln, 1960’s Las Vegas, Germany, The Alamo, Houston during Apollo 11 and more.

In an period where television is driven by a lot of reality shows and medical and crime dramas, this show is like a breath of fresh air. The performances of every actor on the show is great and perfectly cast. The writing is solid, especially when you have to make sure things are historically accurate. I find myself excited to see what they’re going to do next, and how they’re going to portray certain time periods.

They’ve had some special guest stars in episodes, including Sean McGuire (Once Upon A Time) and Shantel VanSanten (The Flash) and they’ll soon have appearances by Supernatural alum Misha Collins and Jim Beaver.

In every episode, you start to see the layers peel back on these characters and their backstories, and you find out more and more about their lives, which keeps you interested. The show has really only just begun. There’s many possibilities, and we’d really like to see where this show could lead.

The first season so far has been great and Timeless deserves to be renewed.

Make sure to watch Timeless on Mondays on NBC!

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