Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Louden Swain’s New Album “No Time Like The Present” Available Now!

MUSICLOUDEN SWAINLouden Swain's New Album "No Time Like The Present" Available Now!

Louden Swain’s brand new album No Time Like The Present is officially available now. The band consists of members Rob Benedict, Michael Borja, Stephen Norton and Billy Moran. They’re regularly featured at Creation Entertainment’s Supernatural conventions and perform all over the world.

See Paulina’s thoughts on some of our favorite songs below:

Present Time

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Giving a shout-out to the album title “No Time Like the Present”, Present Time encapsulates the feeling of the entire album into one song. It’s sound gives us a steady indie-rock pop beat that reminds us to treasure what we have, and those we love. I know I treasure this album.


This is my favorite song off the album, and yes, my favorite Louden Swain song of all time. The lyrics strike the perfect tone of hope and redemption after loss and peril. It’s the type of song you want to share with the world. It evokes memories of loss that can cause your heart to have a few tremors, but it’s rewarded with beautiful singing by Rob Benedict, the band’s front man. A lot of my favorite lyrics from the album also are found on this song, especially this verse:

“Take me to your leader
Put me in my place
A little smoke and mirrors
And a little bit of faith
I’m the captain of my story
But I’m looking for a mate
A rescue from the needle
Give me just a taste Of your amazing grace.”

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Leg Up

I love this song. It’s another song about persevering when things might be stacked up against you. The keyboard adds a lot to the feeling of freedom that you crave when listening to the ascending beat.

Roll Me Over

This song is hot. It describes a sensual relationship that builds to intense feelings of lust and indie rock love. In some ways, it’s different than other Swain songs, but not in a way that betrays their sound. It has epic playing by Billy Moran, who skillfully brings the songs electric lyrics to life through his playing.

Night Light

This is another wonderful song on the album. It has soul. It finds an intersection between rock and blue grass. Rob Benedict’s voice is a little ragged and inspirational. It’s another song that provides hope. Hmm, maybe there’s a message here.


This song gives me memories of my misspent youth. It’s fun. The guitar and bass are both excellent anchors to the rippled beats that bounces around and makes me seriously want to dance.


I want to ask someone to put this in the next Wes Anderson film. That’s a good thing.

Make sure to purchase Louden Swain’s No Time Like The Present on – ITunesAmazonLouden Swain!

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