‘Kings of Con’, ‘Supernatural’, & ‘Louden Swain’ Fandom Artist: Angèle Desjardins


Hi friends, you’re in luck! Nerds and Beyond is highlighting two artists this week. We were inspired to interview Angèle after her art was featured during Kings of Conversation (the after-show for the new Comic-ConHQ series Kings of Con). We discovered that Angèle does art for various fandoms. One of her shirt designs is actually being used by Louden Swain for their official merchandising! Her designs are always topical, witty, and playful. In addition to fandom art, she also does video game art!

Courtesy of Angèle
Courtesy of Angèle

She was kind enough to answer a few of our questions:

Angèle Desjardins

What Fandom(s) do you create art for?

Supernatural, Kings of Con, and Louden Swain

How did you start working on fandom art?

I’ve been drawing fanart since I was a kid watching Pokemon and Sailor Moon. I got really back into it when I got hooked on Supernatural though. It’s fun to play in that world, to transform those characters into something else. Like making Sam, Dean and Cas look like they belong in a saturday morning cartoon.  

Do you have a favorite piece or project that you’ve created?

My favorite has to be a T shirt design that I made for fun that Louden Swain actually saw and liked and bought to use on their merch. It’s a pretty amazing feeling to see all my fellow swainers wearing it!

What does your creative process look like?

It looks like a folder on my laptop filled with sketches of half baked ideas and a lot of coffee. It’s me perched on a chair over my tablet drawing whatever makes me laugh or makes me happy while I watch convention videos on youtube.

What’s one of your favorite episodes of Supernatural? What is one of your favorite Louden Swain songs?

Don’t call me Shurley is my favorite. I loved that most of the episode was Chuck and Metatron just talking. I was really hyped for Chuck’s return and the whole God reveal and it was perfect. The song at the end gives me chills every time I watch it.

My favorite Louden Swain song right now is one of their new ones, Over before it began, I’ve been listening to it non stop and I can’t wait for the album.

Do you have any projects that you haven’t yet been able to tackle but that you hope to work on one day?

I went to school for animation so I’d like to do some animated Kings of Con fanart, that’d be fun!

Is there anything challenging about being a fandom artist?

I think the hardest thing is not comparing yourself to other fandom artists. It’s hard not to when you’re drawing the same characters or people but there’s room and love enough for everyone here.

Are there any fandom artists that you especially admire?

There are so many! @scoutstiel (one of our previously featured artists!) and @house_of_darkly make such amazing stuff!   

Is there a cast member or performer that inspires you?

Definitely Richard Speight, Jr. and Rob Benedict. They’re just amazing and hilarious. I’m going full fangirl now but everything they do is so fascinating to watch. Their comedy on stage during their convention panels, their show, Rob’s music. They make me laugh, they bring me joy and it makes me want to make things.

What’s one tip you would give to anyone who is considering creating fandom art that they can market and sell?

I’m not sure I have any tips for that. I just make whatever makes me happy and hope others will like it too. It’s hard to predict what other people will respond to. The things that I’ve made that have gotten the most attention are usually the funnier ones that I made half as a joke for my own amusement. What’s gotten the most attention was a parody of The Last Supper based on a bit Richard Speight Jr did at a con where he started his own church/cult.

Is there anything else you want to share with our readers?

Don’t let anyone tell you your fanart “doesn’t count” as art, transformative works have value!

Where can we find your art?

I tweet art every so often, i’m @pineapples786 and I’ve got a redbubble shop


In non fandom, I’ve worked on video games as an artist, the latest of which is Starwhal where I painted spacey landscapes for neon narwhals to battle in.

If you have suggestions for future fandom artists you would like for us to consider featuring, email staff@nerdsandbeyond.com.

Paulina is an advisor for Nerds and Beyond. She was one of two original staff members who helped Briar build the site and make it what it is today.

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