Thursday, February 2, 2023

REVIEW: ‘Kings of Con’ – Episode 4 – ‘Bellevue, WA’

TELEVISIONKINGS OF CONREVIEW: 'Kings of Con' - Episode 4 - 'Bellevue, WA'

In  episode 4 of Kings of Con, a new member joins the convention circuit.

Kent O’Grady, who is portrayed by Josh Meyers, is a well-dressed, arrogant, British man who joins the gang for his first convention. We find out during breakfast that he has an obsession with potatoes which Rob later made fun of, calling him ‘Kent Au Gratin’ in front of the audience, which Kent takes offense to.

There are two stand-out moments of this episode for us: the warm-ups and the ascot.

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During a part when Rob is on stage, Kent’s warm-up sounds are loud and obnoxious, which makes them more funny, especially when they can be heard from the stage.

Kent later calls Rob up to his room and has a breakdown, telling Rob that he’s not really British and is actually from Missouri. This leads into the other stand-out moment, when Kent rubs an ascot all over Rob to get his scent and does the same of himself to give to Rob. The whole scene is awkward and hilarious.

Later, while Rich is in Rob’s room he finds the ascot in the trash, delivering the best quote of the episode, “What is that? No, I know that smell. No, seriously, I recognize this, it smells like a fox hunt.”

Josh Meyers did a great job with the character and we can’t wait to see if he makes an appearance later in the season. Gil McKinney also makes his first appearance in the series, alongside returning guests Kim Rhodes and Kurt Fuller.

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The show keeps getting better and better with each episode and it’s definitely becoming one of our favorite shows to watch. If you haven’t watched it yet, make sure to check it out on Comic-Con HQ! Also, make sure to check out Kings of Conversation on Comic-Con HQ, where Rob and Rich host a livestream with special guests, games, and they talk about the episodes, which stream live on Tuesday nights.

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