REVIEW: ‘Kings of Con’ Season 1, Episode 3: Pasadena

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Last week, Kings of Con released the third episode of season one and I have to say so far this episode has probably been my favorite. Supernatural alumni Alaina Huffman joined the cast this week playing Rob’s wife and we got a peek into their divorce proceedings – which are not going smoothly to say the least. Due to Rob’s less than stellar acting career, he is basically going to be left with nothing. During the hearing, Rich comes in with the good intention of trying to help his friend out, but ends up failing miserably. His interference only further adds to the confusion.

My favorite part of the scene with Huffman, Benedict and Speight is when Rob – rather foolishly – thinks he can go up against the mountain of bailiff that is sitting in the room during the divorce hearing.

One of things that is so great about Kings of Con is not only the inclusion of the cast of Supernatural playing either themselves or other characters, but also that some of the situations we are seeing in the show are based off of real life experiences that Rob and Rich have had while on the convention circuit.
In the most recent episode, we see Rob seeming to make fun of police officers during a panel at PasCon. This scene was actually based off of a situation that really did happen at a Supernatural convention during one of his panels when a statement he made about getting into character for a role was taken out of context.

Another incident in episode 3 that the guys actually found themselves in was when they were at a hotel and Rob accidentally dialed 911 instead of Rich’s room number – which also happened to be room 911. During this scene in Kings of Con, we were treated to the appearance of yet another Supernatural alumni. Mitch Pileggi made his debut on Kings of Con as one of the officers responding to Rob’s 911 call.

While we are only on episode three, one of the big takeaways that I’ve had from Kings of Con, has definitely been the writing each episode. The scripts are well thought out and continue to be witty and exciting.

Along with old favorites from the Supernatural cast – including Speight and Benedict themselves – the show has fresh faces that are quickly becoming fan favorites, like Handler Beth.

Be sure to tune in this week for an all new episode!

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