REVIEW: NBC’s ‘This Is Us’ Continues to Surprise Audiences

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The second episode of NBC‘s This Is Us aired last night and the expectations were high because of the response to the first episode. This episode did not disappoint.

After the premiere, we were left with a few questions: What happened to the parents in present day? How is the relationship with Randall, Kevin and Kate?

We saw the relationship between Kevin and Kate in the first episode, but never really saw what kind of relationship they had with Randall. In this episode, you get to see a bit more into their childhood. The three of them are eight, and Kevin and Randall are struggling with a relationship after kids make fun of Randall at school. The two end up fighting a lot; which they bring into present day, with a phone call from Kevin to Randall and you can tell there’s still tension between them. However, Kevin apologizes for being a bad brother, and the two end the scene quite nicely, with a quote from their childhood with their dad, Jack.

We also got a good look at Kate’s continuing struggles and how it’s stemmed from her childhood. Chris Sullivan (Toby) is a great addition to her story to help lift her up and make her realize how great she is. Randall’s story also continued with his biological father and how he fits in with his family.

After the surprise ending in the premiere episode, we were left wondering if there would be any more surprises as well as what happened to their parents (Rebecca and Jack) in the present time. We get a glimpse into that towards the end of the episode with yet another surprising twist. (We won’t spoil that one, either!)

The show does a great job by having a twist at the end of both episodes, making viewers anxious to see what happens next and to tune in. The second episode was just as spectacular as the first.

EW reported that NBC has ordered a full season for the show and it’s no surprise why. So far, it’s our front runner for the best TV show to have premiered this fall.

What did you think of this episode?

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