Osric Chau’s “On the Hunt” T-Shirt Campaign – One Week Left!

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On Monday August 22, Creation Stands launched it’s latest T-shirt campaign with a design featuring Supernatural alumni Osric Chau. The campaign will last for two weeks with a portion of the proceeds benefiting Random Acts.

The shirts take many themes from the mobile game Pokémon Go, which Chau states has “completely taken over” his life. The front of the shirt features a caricature of Osric holding what resembles a Pokeball emblazoned with a Devil’s Trap. On the back of the shirts, Sam and Dean Winchester, Castiel and Crowley have been drawn as Pokémon. The text “On the Hunt” is available in red, yellow, and blue which are the colors for the teams in Pokémon Go.

This campaign is a bit different than most of Creation’s because it actually encourages fans to support Random Acts by doing acts of kindness as well as purchasing the merchandise. Prior to the campaign’s start, Osric tweeted asking his followers if they were team SPN Red, SPN Yellow or SPN Blue. It was revealed after sales started that the purpose of these teams were for the team members to go out and perform random acts of kindness everyday of the campaign and to tweet what was done with the team’s color and the hashtag #OnTheHunt. Once the winning team has been decided, Osric is going to dye his hair that team’s color. In addition, the teams were given team leaders. The leader of the red team is Alaina Huffman, the Yellow Team leader is Robbie Thompson, and the blue team leader is Kim Rhodes.

The sales goal of 1,000 items has already been over halfway met with a week left in the campaign.


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