REVIEW: Busch Gardens Hits a Home Run with Cobra’s Curse

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We got to preview the all new family roller coaster, Cobra’s Curse, at Busch Gardens a day before it officially opens! Cobra’s Curse officially opens to the public tomorrow, June 17.

Everything about the ride is phenomenal – see below as we break down all of the elements that made this a home run for the park.

The Queue

We were incredibly impressed with the queue for this ride. First off, the line is inside with air conditioning which will make this one of the more popular rides that families will wait in line for to get out of the heat.

The theming is great – you can tell that they really put a lot of detail into it. There’s a great projection show in one of the rooms that has two scenes – with red and blue energy – that takes over the room every three minutes. Creative Director Brian Morrow also told us that they have an entire book filled with the backstory for each and every character for the ride with pictures, biographies and more. Sadly, there are no plans to release that any time soon to the public.

Another part of the queue is that you get to pass by an enclosure of live snakes. The enclosure is designed beautifully, with Zoo Manager Phil Hillary telling us how the snakes – which are different species – are getting along quite well. He stated that one of the species actually spent time in the same area as another one, peacefully cohabiting. He also stated that there’s not any territorial issues, but that the snakes are fed separately. You can tell how much attention and detail they’re giving to the enclosure, as well as how much they really care for the snakes.



The Ride

The ride starts out going up a 70-foot lift as you come face-to-fang with the Snake King himself. You then travel down the ride going forwards, backwards and finally going into a free spin. This ride is a lot of fun and everyone coming off the ride was laughing and smiling. Busch Gardens is on the right track with this ride. With all of the new rides popping up in the last few years – Cheetah Hunt, Falcon’s Fury and now Cobra’s Curse – Busch Gardens is a great place to go to get a great experience.



Busch Gardens debuted a bunch of new merchandise for the ride including t-shirts, cups, bags, wine bottles and more. Check out the pictures below!



Cobra’s Twissst

As an addition, Coca-Cola has teamed up with Busch Gardens to launch Cobra’s Twissst, a new soda flavor. It tastes a bit like a mixture of cherry with lemon-lime. It was delicious and a great, refreshing drink to have on a hot day.

Overall, we really loved the look and feel of this ride. The attention to detail is amazing and people are going to go crazy over this ride! Well done Busch Gardens!

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