3 Ideas for Contributing to Your Fandom(s)


Chances are that when you join a fandom, you will want to find some way of getting involved. However, you might find yourself drawing a blank as to how you might go about contributing to it. That is why we have come up with 3 ideas on how you can contribute to your fandom(s).

  1. ArtOne of the most admired contributions in a fandom is its members’ fan art. Whether it is a drawing, a clay model, or even a beaded craft, there is no doubt that your work will be appreciated by other fans. What makes it even better is the fact that you can make the piece as you see fit. Perhaps you think a character would look cool doing a special pose? Or maybe you want to make the piece humorous? It is up to you and your skills on how it will turn out. You can even use this as a chance to brush up on or improve your art skills. You can typically find these works on websites like deviantARTTumblr, and Etsy.

  2. Writing: Let’s be honest, when you become a fan of something your mind will probably wander. You will probably think about the direction it is heading in along with all of its potential. You will even ask yourself, “What if this happened,” or find yourself thinking, “This should be a crossover with that.” Fanfiction is yet another beloved contribution to a fandom, and it is one of the easiest ways to contribute because you already know the characters and what you want to happen in the story. You can make it short, lengthy, in an alternate universe, or even just an extension of what already happened. The possibilities are endless. Some of the more well-known websites for fanfiction includes FanFiction.NetWattpad, and AO3.

  3. Cosplay: When you get attached to a show, movie, video game, or book, you will most likely wish you could live in its fictional universe. You might even wish you could be a particular character and take on their qualities for a day. Cosplaying gives people the fun of being part of that universe as they express its characters in whatever way they desire. It also gives people the satisfaction of creating their own costumes, accessories, or even wigs – if they choose to do so. It is especially fun when you can cosplay with friends or at conventions. You can even post your cosplay photos online for others in the fandom to enjoy. Who wouldn’t want to see their favorite characters come to life? You can check out cosplay photos – or post your own – on deviantARTTumblr, and Instagram.

Whether you are a Potterhead or a SuperWhoLock, these 3 ideas are great ways that you can get involved in your fandom(s).

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