The Trailer for Alex Winter Directed Documentary ‘Zappa’ is Finally Here!

Courtesy of Magnolia Pictures.


Frank Zappa is a musical icon, and actor/director Alex Winter (Showbiz Kids, The Panama Papers) set out to honor him in a way others were not. With the blessings of the Zappa estate, Winter started a Kickstarter in hopes to fund the project — the Kickstarter set a documentary record in 2016, proving that others were just as eager to see this project come to fruition.

The Magnolia Pictures documentary features footage from the Zappa vault, including never before seen home videos, live footage, and interviews. Zappa chronicles the life of the late icon who was self-taught and had his own musical style that fought labels at every turn. In an interview with Rolling Stone, Winter promised that this film “is filled with surprises for fans, but I think they will be most struck by the intimacy and a real sense of who Zappa actually was.”

Zappa arrives on November 27.


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