Vin Diesel Releases Single “Feel Like I Do”

Image courtesy of 'Fast & the Furious'


Whoever had “Vin Diesel releases a pop song that we are enjoying” on their Bingo card is living it up right now. No, I am not joking. The Fast & the Furious franchise actor released his single “Feel Like I Do” today.

The song, which was written and produced by Petey Martin, was recorded in collaboration with music producer Kygo and released on his Palm Tree Records label. I am not sure why we are all as shocked as we are – myself included. Diesel has made his love of music known and has treated fans to his singing before as well. At the 2015 MTV Movie Awards, he sang some of “See You Again,” on his social media, he shared him singing “Stay” and “Habits.” But the big question is: is there an album in his future?


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