New ‘Shaving People Punting Things’ Video Released Titled “Brain Fart”

Courtesy of The CW


All we have to say is, we’ve all been there Jared. In this new blooper video released by the YouTube channel Shaving People Punting Things, Dean, Sam, Castiel, and Jack, are in the bunker and Dean and Sam have just returned from hell. Castiel has just returned from The Empty and Jack was watching over him to make sure he comes back to life.

What we didn’t see in the episode and is hilariously displayed in this video, is that Jared Padalecki (Sam Winchester) seemingly forgets some plot points. A huge one, in fact, that Sam and Dean know The Occultum was not in Hell. Perhaps our favorite line from this video is when Jensen Ackles (Dean) says, “Let’s just all sit down and have a read through..well just from the whole script.”

Check out the video below!


Supernatural airs on The CW and currently is on a hiatus. The cast and crew will hopefully return soon to film the remaining episodes.


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