Exclusive Interview: Billy Moran Talks PBJ Tour, Writing, Original Songs and More!

Billy Moran talks with Nerds and Beyond about the PBJ Tour and more at Eddie's Attic in Decatur, Georgia on Saturday July 27, 2019.


Billy Moran is a man of many talents. It’s well known that he’s a phenomenal guitar player, and is part of the bands Louden Swain and The Station Breaks. But, Moran, is much more than that. He’s a humble musician, who is also an incredible writer and vocalist. When we talked to Briana Buckmaster this past weekend, who is touring with Moran, she stated that he’s a “musical genius,” and we definitely agree.

We got the chance to sit with Moran for a few minutes, where we asked him about the PBJ Tour, writing original songs, and more. You can check out our interview with him below.

Thanks again to Billy for taking the time to talk to us!


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