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Post-PBJ Tour Spotlight: Hayden Lee – The Man, The Music, The Socks

The PBJ Tour from Dogwood Events picked up a hitchhiker of sorts

Ali Ali

Post-PBJ Tour Spotlight: The Heart and Soul of Briana Buckmaster

Dogwood Events' inaugural tour came and went as quickly and refreshingly as

Margaret Margaret

Post-PBJ Tour Spotlight: The Gospel of Paul Carella

Temperatures were blazing, citing record highs for the month of July, but

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Post-PBJ Tour Spotlight: Billy Moran, Master of Guitar

Last week, a group of incredibly talented musicians ventured down the East

Lindsey Lindsey

Interview: Billy Moran Talks PBJ Tour, Writing, Original Songs and More! [EXCLUSIVE]

Billy Moran is a man of many talents. It's well known that

Briar Briar

Recap: Saying Farewell to the #PBJTour in Atlanta

This weekend was something I was long looking forward to – going

Briar Briar

Recap: The #PBJTour Stops in Charlotte, North Carolina

Y'all better listen up because woo boy, did the #PBJTour give their

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Recap: Paul Carella, Briana Buckmaster, Billy Moran and Jason Manns in NYC

It's finally here! Dubbed the #PBJTour, the inaugural tour of Dogwood Events

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