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Plague Nerdalogues Releases Second Wave of Videos to Benefit Black Lives Matter

Almost a month ago, the first wave of videos for Plague Nerdalogues

Emma Emma

‘Jay & Silent Bob Reboot’ Blu-ray and DVD Coming January 21

Jay & Silent Bob Reboot is set to be released on Blu-ray

Briar Briar

Kevin Smith Announces ‘Clerks 3’ Is in the Works

Kevin Smith has assured us that Clerks III is officially open! With

Amanda Brock Amanda Brock

Jay and Silent Bob Hit the Road Once More!

Jay and Silent Bob are in the hizz-ouse! Recently, the official Twitter

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Jason Mewes’ ‘Madness in the Method’ Coming to Blu-ray and DVD September 24

Madness in the Method is a solid first directorial entry for Jason

Kaity Kaity

Kevin Smith creating new Netflix He-Man Anime!

During Power-Con 2019 this weekend, it was announced that Kevin Smith, creator

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‘Jay & Silent Bob Reboot’ Roadshow Kicks Off in October

Jay and his hetero life-mate Silent Bob are hitting the road to

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Exclusive Photos: Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes Handprint Ceremony in San Diego

While our staff was in San Diego for San Diego Comic-Con, were were

Briar Briar

Kevin Smith Releases ‘Jay and Silent Bob Reboot’ Trailer Today!

Kevin Smith couldn’t wait to show the world the trailer for the

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Jason Mewes’ Directorial Debut ‘Madness In The Method’ in Theaters and On-Demand August 2

Cinedigm has announced it will release Jason Mewes’ meta comedy Madness In

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