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Katherine McNamara from ‘Walker: Independence’ Joining Creation Convention in Las Vegas

Creation Entertainment is rebranding the Supernatural conventions for 2023 to the Creation

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Watch: ‘Walker: Independence’ Cast at ATX TV Festival, Moderated by Jared Padalecki

ATX TV Festival has uploaded the Walker: Independence Q&A that they had

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‘Walker: Independence’ PaleyFest Panel with Cast and Crew Offers New Insight into the Show

The cast and crew of Walker: Independence will appear during PaleyFest Fall

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Katherine McNamara on ‘Inside of You with Michael Rosenbaum’ Tomorrow

Katherine McNamara is tomorrow's guest on Inside of You with Michael Rosenbaum,

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‘Walker: Independence’: Katherine McNamara Joins as Abby Walker

Walker: Independence has found its Abby Walker! Katherine McNamara, most known for

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Interview: Katherine McNamara Talks About New Horror Comedy ‘Untitled Horror Movie’ [EXCLUSIVE]

Celebrating the release of Untitled Horror Movie, Nerds and Beyond had the

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Katherine McNamara Added to Creation Entertainment’s Virtual Fan Experiences

Katherine McNamara is joining in on the fun for Creation Entertainment's Memorial

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Katherine McNamara Releasing New Song and Raising Money to Fight COVID-19

Katherine McNamara, who some fans might know from the CW's Arrow and Freeform's Shadowhunters, had some

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MegaCon Orlando Adds Stephen Amell, Katherine McNamara and Ben Lewis

MegaCon Orlando just dropped another huge guest announcement! Fresh off the end

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‘Inside of You’ Podcast with Michael Rosenbaum Welcomes Katherine McNamara!

Michael Rosenbaum is back with his podcast Inside of You, and this

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