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7 Magical Books That Deserve Adaptations

In a media landscape inundated with major sequels, prequels, remakes, and the

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‘You’re Not Supposed to Die Tonight’ Review: A Thrilling and Jaw-Dropping Dive Into Horror by Kalynn Bayron

Bestselling author Kalynn Bayron debuted in the YA space with her fantasy

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‘This Wicked Fate’ Review: A Heart-Pounding Conclusion to Kalynn Bayron’s Duology

In This Wicked Fate, the finale of Kalynn Bayron’s duology, Briseis has

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Kalynn Bayron Reveals Cover for ‘This Wicked Fate’

After teasing readers on social media, author Kalynn Bayron has finally revealed

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‘This Poison Heart’ Review: Kalynn Bayron Weaves a Fascinating and Magical Tale

Kalynn Bayron’s much-anticipated next book has officially arrived, and it’s not to

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Celebrate Your Bookish Pride With the Pride Book Fest Coming This June

Queer bookworms, rejoice! A new (virtual) book fest is coming to celebrate

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‘Cinderella is Dead’ Author Kalynn Bayron Doing a Virtual Discussion with Book People

Kalynn Bayron’s YA novel Cinderella is Dead was released today, and usually

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