Nancy has been a Nerd since before it was cool. Thankfully, the world has caught up with what she always knew - the more it makes you think, the better it is. In her real life, Nancy is a regional manager for a nationwide healthcare company, and a photographer who is much happier behind the camera than in front of it (hence the awkward selfie). She is always on the lookout for an adultier adult, and still can't believe that she is allowed out without supervision.
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MegaCon Orlando 2021 Brings Guests Together for a Safe, Fun Convention

After the year that was 2020, there was a palpable feeling of…

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Interview: Michael Rosenbaum and Rob Danson Talk New Band ‘Sun Spin’ [EXCLUSIVE]

Welcome to the world of Sun Spin! This new band, formed during…

Nancy Nancy

A Heartbreaking List of Favorite Shows Leaving Us in 2020

Saying hello to a new year means saying goodbye to the previous,…

Megan Megan

‘Smallville’ Takes Austin During Wizard World Weekend

Wizard World hosted its tenth annual convention in Austin, Texas November 8-10,…

Brianna Brianna

Ketch Our Touching Tribute: Arthur Ketch’s 10 Best Moments on ‘Supernatural’

Beware: This article contains season 15 spoilers of Supernatural.  Arthur Ketch is one…

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A Be-Witch-ing Tribute to Rowena: Her Top 10 Moments on ‘Supernatural’

Warning: This article contains spoilers for season 15 of Supernatural. From the first…

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Interview: Hayden Lee About ‘Crazy Little Secrets’, Working with Jason Manns, and More! [EXCLUSIVE]

It is finally (almost) here. The highly anticipated Crazy Little Secrets from…

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Happy ‘Supernatural’ Day! See Our Staff’s Favorite Episodes!

Supernatural Day is a holiday around here at Nerds and Beyond. This…

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Recap: Creation Entertainment’s ‘Lucifer’ Convention Brings Laughs and More!

Lucifer Morningstar, the Devil himself. Also, the titular character of the fan-saved…

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