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Emily is a a graduate of Simmons University with a Bachelor's Public Relations and Journalism and former Disney World Cast Member. An avid fangirl and media connoisseur, when Emily is not thinking of her next article topic, she is planning for her next convention, chatting about the latest book she has read or binge-watching her favorite nerdy shows on Netflix. Find Emily on Instagram and Twitter at @emilycoleyeah

‘Mortal Engines’ Cast and Creators Tease New Dystopian Adventure at NYCC

In a "post post-apocalyptic world," as writer and producer Peter Jackson described it, countries are no more and mobile city-states known as "Traction Cities"...

New York Comic Con Thursday Recap: Fraser’s Ridge, Tom Felton, and More!

It feels more like New Year's Eve in Times Square and less like a Thursday at 11 a.m. in the Jacob K. Javits Convention...

“Check Please: #Hockey” in Stores Today

The adventures of Eric "Bitty" Bittle are moving from the screen to the page! Ngozi Ukazu's successful web comic, Check, Please! has been published as a...

10 Years of Castiel on ‘Supernatural’ – Season Seven’s Biggest Moments

Over the last decade, a certain trench-coated celestial has warmed his way into the hearts of the Winchesters and the audience of Supernatural. Castiel broke...

Storytelling with Sera Gamble, Part Two: ‘You’ on Lifetime

Where is the line between cute and creepy? Interested and in too deep? That is what Lifetime's newest show, You, intends to find out. Set in...

Storytelling with Sera Gamble, Part One: Showrunning and ‘Supernatural’

A lot goes into making a television show. From the actors to the gaffers to the editors, every show is a ship, and every...

‘Doctor Who’ Series 11 Release Date Announced

The much awaited next series in the Doctor Who universe now has a release date! For those ready to meet the thirteenth doctor, you only...

Interview: Katherine Ramdeen on ‘Wayward Sisters,’ Fandom and More! [EXCLUSIVE]

A badass both on and offscreen, Kat Ramdeen made her first appearance on Supernatural in the season 9 episode "Alex Annie Alexis Ann" as the...

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