Recap: Flirts and Fights Galore in ‘Wynonna Earp’ Season 4, Episode 7 “Love’s All Over”

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WYNONNA EARP -- "Love's All Over" Episode 407 -- Pictured: (l-r) Katherine Barrell as Officer Nicole Haugh, Dominique Provost-Chalkley as Waverly Earp -- (Photo by: Michelle Faye/Wynonna Earp Productions, Inc./SYFY)

Welcome back to Purgatory, where demons and love run rampant. After a six month hiatus, Wynonna Earp is back for its final five episodes. The midseason finale left Wynonna and Doc on the outs, Waverly and Nicole engaged, and a reaper in the basement of Shorty’s. Suffice it to say, there’s no shortage of plot to pick up on.

Spoilers ahead for Season 4, Episode 7 of Wynonna Earp. You have been warned.

Like the Title Says…

Wayhaught is official! Love’s all over, the rings are on and the date … will be set. So far, they’ve set a date for the engagement party the next night, and they couldn’t be happier. It’s refreshing, especially since the last episode saw Nicole basically dead. Meanwhile, the other Earp is having less luck in the love department. After shooting Holt Clanton in the back, Wynonna is questioning her role in her family, and in Purgatory. But Doc has no question about it – Wynonna has lost her morality, and so far he’s unable to forgive her.

To distract herself, Wynonna takes Waverly and Nicole to a “bachelorette party,” which is just code for ladies night at a bar with male strippers. One such stripper, Dimitri, notices Waverly’s utter disinterest, to which she explains she’s already engaged … to Nicole. Dimitri is cynical about their relationship, telling Waverly he doesn’t think love is real. To which she responds, “Love might be the only thing that is real. She’d die for me. I’d kill for her.” As she leaves, Dimitri slips something in her pocket, and his eyes flash red. What, did you think this was just going to be some cheesy relationship drama without a hint of the supernatural?

That’s when things start getting weird. Nicole and Waverly go to Town Hall to find a marriage license, only to run into Bunny Loblaw, who hasn’t been seen in Purgatory for a while. With the sheriff and magistrate, both Clantons, disappeared, she has stepped in to run the town, which also means giving out licenses. And to everyone’s disgust, she’s fairly homophobic towards Nicole and Waverly. That is until she finds a heart-shaped piece of glitter and is immediately entranced and in love with Waverly. Nicole also finds a piece of glitter and becomes bewitched, with an immediately higher interest in PDA than she’d ever expressed before. Waverly manages to ditch both Nicole and Bunny and goes to The Glory Hole to ask Amon for a monster-Earp truce just for the duration of the engagement party. And once again, heart-shaped glitter, and poof – Amon is in love with her, too. And just in time for the engagement party – what could go wrong? Waverly finds Dimitri, who explains he used to be a cupid – yes, an actual cupid – but has passed his powers in the form of a jar of glitter onto Waverly. And as much as she begs, he denies responsibility and refuses to help.

WYNONNA EARP — “Hell Raisin’ Good Time” Episode 405 — Pictured: Tim Rozon as Doc Holliday — (Photo by: Michelle Faye/Wynonna Earp Productions, Inc./SYFY)

Meanwhile on the Doc Holliday Show…

Doc is still on a quest to make it right with the Clantons. He was, after all, the one who killed their ancestors at the O.K. Corral. He goes by the Clanton farm on the search for Cleo, and finds not only a distraught Cleo, but the rather ripe corpse of Mama Margot Clanton. She’s unsure what to do without Margot’s leadership, without a feud with the Earps to guide her decisions. Doc tries to comfort her, and while doing so, poof, heart glitter. He’s captivated, until Waverly calls asking for help and he rushes to the engagement party. The scene ends with a shot of Cleo looking at a chainsaw … more on that later.

Doc shows up at Shorty’s for the engagement party just as the shenanigans hit full volume. Bunny, Amon, and Nicole are all fighting over the microphone to try to serenade Waverly. Wynonna is all over Amon, and now even Nedley has fallen under the spell and is in love with Bunny. Dimitri walks in the door delivering food, as Waverly has tracked him down – clever Waverly. He’s still hesitant to interfere, until Wynonna reveals she stole the glitter and glitter bombs herself, Amon, Nedley, Doc, Nicole, and Bunny. This creates essentially an orgy minus the sex – lots of dancing, lots of kissing, one big happy loving mess. Dimitri and Waverly sit to the side, and he explains his tragic romantic backstory. His partner just up and left one day, and since then he’s never believed in love. Waverly shows him the truth, telling him, “Your heartbreak proved that love does exist.” In return, Dimitri reveals his spit can cure the spell, and the two pelt everyone with his spitballs. At last, the spell is broken! Nedley and Bunny still seem to be on flirtatious terms, but Doc walks away from Wynonna, leaving her once again heartbroken.

WYNONNA EARP — “Afraid” Episode 404 — Pictured: (l-r) Martina Ortiz-Luis as Rachel Valdez, Billy Bryk as Billy Clanton — (Photo by: Michelle Faye/Wynonna Earp Productions, Inc./SYFY)

So, what’s on for next week?

During the party shenanigans, Rachel snuck down to the basement and found her former almost-boyfriend Billy chained to a post. Of course, she couldn’t actually see him, because Margot turned him into a ghoulish reaper making him invisible to all but those he’s reaping. She screams, and that’s the last we see of either of them until the last shot of Cleo welcoming Billy back to the farm.

Speaking of Cleo, that chainsaw was put to good use. Though for some time she worshipped Margot, Cleo could not forgive her for murdering Billy. Though Margot wished to be turned into a reaper after death so she could live eternally with her ancestors, Cleo refuses. Instead, she chops Margot up and feeds her to what can only be assumed is a stockpile of reapers, all past Clantons.

And, unsurprisingly, rather than dealing with her issues with Doc, Wynonna runs from her feelings and finds herself in the arms of Amon at the Glory Hole. She certainly does seem to have a type, and I can’t imagine the others will be too thrilled.

Cleo’s definitely not done with Doc Holliday and the Earps. And there’s the question of Rachel, Wynonna’s new relationship, and what about Rosita and the nuns? These are sure to be four fantastic last episodes.

Episode 8, “Hell Raisin’ Good Time,” premieres March 12, 2021 at 10/9c on SyFy.

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