Adrienne is a Certified Medical Assistant, as well as a new writer that joined the team in 2019. She is a lover of all things true crime, Supernatural, Sherlock, spoken word poetry, among others. You can find her on all her social media platforms under adri_lynn.
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Christian Serratos to Play Late Selena Quintanilla in Netflix Series

Big news Selena fans! Earlier this week it was announced that Christian

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Podcast Spotlight: ‘This Podcast Will Kill You’

Welcome to another podcast spotlight! For this spotlight I decided to focus

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Kevin Smith creating new Netflix He-Man Anime!

During Power-Con 2019 this weekend, it was announced that Kevin Smith, creator

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Fourth Guest Director Announced for Final Season of ‘Supernatural’

If you peruse the tweets of one Supernatural's Jim Michaels, you might

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‘Peaky Blinders’ Season 5 Trailer Reveals Two New Faces

Exciting news Peaky Blinders fans! The newest trailer for Peaky Blinders highly

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‘The Good Place’ season 3 gag reel released at SDCC!

  Get ready to laugh! With all the news and new announcements

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Happy Birthday, Alexander Calvert! Our Favorite Jack Moments from ‘Supernatural’

Alexander Calvert, who portrays everyone's favorite nephilim on Supernatural, is celebrating his birthday

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Podcast Spotlight: ‘My Favorite Murder’

This week's Podcast Spotlight is on one of my favorite podcasts ever!

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Our Favorite Moments From ‘Supernatural’ Season 14: Rowena MacLeod

As the struggle continues through the summer Supernatural “hellatus,” we are taking a

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