Podcast Spotlight: ‘This Podcast Will Kill You’


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Welcome to another podcast spotlight!

For this spotlight I decided to focus on This Podcast Will Kill You (TPWKY). I picked this podcast because, as someone that works in the medical field, this podcast really resonates with meOne of the reasons is because as a Medical Assistant, these topics are topics that are interesting to me and that I deal with in my career.

TPWKY is a part of the Exactly Right podcast network (started by fellow true crime nerds Georgia Hardstark and Karen Kilgariff). It joins Paul Holes and Billy Jensen’s The Murder Squad and Hardstark and Kilgariff’s My Favorite Murder.

TPWKY is hosted by “the Erins,” Erin Welsh and Erin Updyke. They are both epidemiologists and disease ecologists, and each host holds a Ph.D. In each episode, they tackle a disease, and there are special episodes thrown in as well, such as their vaccination two-part episode.

Their episode structure in unique to others. It starts with a firsthand account of the episode’s topic, and then a drink called a “Quarantini,” with each episode lasting about an hour long. During the first season, TPWKY released new episodes weekly. However, in their second season, the Erins started to release new episodes every two weeks.

One of the most interesting episodes in my opinion is the one the Erins covered on the topic of measles. It’s one of the most interesting episodes to me because, even though I feel pretty knowledgeable about the disease, I still learned a lot of information that I didn’t know. For example, measles has the capability to devastate your immune system so severely to the point that, even if you have been vaccinated against or immune to an illness, you can catch it again!

This Podcast Will Kill You is one of the most informative and entertaining podcasts available. I recommend this podcast to everyone. It is available on Spotify, Apple iTunes, and everywhere else you can stream podcasts. You can also check out the show’s website here.


Adrienne is a Certified Medical Assistant, as well as a new writer that joined the team in 2019. She is a lover of all things true crime, Supernatural, Sherlock, spoken word poetry, among others. You can find her on all her social media platforms under adri_lynn.

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