Junji Ito’s ‘Uzumaki’ English Dub Cast Announced


The cast for Adult Swim’s upcoming adaptation of Uzumaki was revealed at Anime Expo.

The long-awaited horror anime adapted from what is widely considered Junji Ito’s magnum opus will finally premiere on Adult Swim later this year. The series has undergone delays since 2020.

“Let’s leave this town together,” asks Shuichi Saito, a former classmate of Kirie Goshima, a high school girl who was born and grew up in Kurouzu-cho. Everything from a strange whirlwind, billowing smoke from the crematorium, and the residents are turning into spirals. People’s eyes spin in whirls, a tongue spirals, and the bodies twist unnaturally. In an attempt to escape the curse of the spirals, Kirie decides to flee from Kuouzu-cho, but can she get away from this turmoil?

The Japanese and English cast includes:

  • Kirie Goshima – Uki Satake / Abby Trott 
  • Shuichi Saito – Shin-ichiro Miki / Robbie Daymond 
  • Azami Kurotani – Mariya Ise / Cristina Vee 
  • Kirie’s Dad – Toshio Furukawa / Doug Stone
  • Shuichi’s Dad – Takashi Matsuyama / Aaron LaPlante
  • Shuichi’s Mom – Mika Doi / Mona Marshall 
  • Katayama – Katsutoshi Matsuzaki / Max Mittleman

The four-episode series will premiere on Adult Swim later this year.

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