‘JUJUTSU KAISEN Cursed Clash’ DLC Featuring Gojo’s Past Arc Coming May 30


The Hidden Inventory/Premature Death Arc is getting the video game treatment.

On May 30, fans can purchase the DLC for Bandai Namco’s JUJUTSU KAISEN game, Cursed Clash, which features Gojo and Geto’s high school adventures featured in season 2 of the anime.

With the DLC, players can enjoy fighting Toji Fushiguro and other content from the first arc of season 2 in story mode, as well as outfits (Geto & Gojo’s Okinawa beach outfits and their suits from the infamous manga color illustration), customization items, and new playable characters: Satoru Gojo (Student), Suguru Geto (Student), and Toji Fushiguro in their two-on-twos.

Good news for those two vs. two battles, offline co-op is included in the free update! Additional maps (Star Religious Group Headquarters & Tombs of the Star, Main Hall), two new playable characters (Mai Zen’in & Momo Nishimiya), and three new opponents (student Gojo/Geto & Toji Fushiguro) are also included in the free update.

Deluxe and Ultimate editions include the new DLC, so if you already own one of those versions, you’re all set to head back to the high school days of the strongest duo!

Also announced is the next DLC featuring the one and only Shibuya Incident! Stay tuned for more details.

JUJUTSU KAISEN Cursed Clash is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC via STEAM.

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