TOKYOPOP Previews Four Upcoming BL Manga Releases & More!

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Publisher TOKYOPOP has released a preview of its upcoming manga series slated for release in the first quarter of 2024! Four new BL manga releases are on the way from the LoveLove imprint, as well as several other titles.


Never Let Go, Vol. 1 (by Saki Sakimoto)

Release Date: January 16, 2024
For Mature Audiences 18+

Rich-kid Haruto is used to being flattered and fawned over by fellow students, so when he’s kicked out of his elite Alpha school, he finds himself as the ultra-desirable Alpha transfer student at a mixed-gender high school. Everyone is quick to try to befriend him — everyone, that is, except student council president Miyabi, who seems to despise him. 

Haruto swore he wouldn’t get involved with anyone at his new school, but something about openly hostile, sickly-looking Miyabi keeps drawing Haruto in … 

Star Crossed (by Crimson Chains)

Release Date: February 6, 2024
For Older Teens

Polaris is king of the stars; with his celestial paint brush he breathes life into constellations, which protect his kingdom. Yildun is his loyal knight, ever at his side, but always in shadow as his station dictates him to remain unseen. Together, they will face a battle for the throne from Polaris’ brother — as well as their own conflicting feelings. A love story written in the stars! 


Cover My Scars With Your Kiss, Vol. 1 (by Io Amaki)

Release Date: March 5, 2024
For Older Teens

Seiichi Kurusu is the handsome eldest son in line to inherit a large company. After running into insecure dentist Nao Seto not once but twice coincidentally, Seiichi wonders if fate is at play. When Nao reveals that Seiichi reminds him of the man he’s been unrequitedly in love with, Seiichi proposes a deal with him: for the length of time, he receives his dental treatment from Nao, the two of them will date. Nao’s tragic love history, combined with Seiichi’s status as family heir and the impending countdown… can something good come from such a relationship?

Heat x Beat: I May Be an Omega, but I’m Going to Be an Idol! (by Ken Homerun)

Release Date: March 19, 2024
For Older Teens

Asahi wants nothing more than to be an idol, and when he’s chosen as the latest member of boyband B-Marks he’s over the moon. Except for one little detail; Asahi is an omega, and one of the other members, Madoka, is an alpha. Insisting on staying unmated to remain loyal to their fanbase, Asahi agrees to a “friends with benefits” arrangement to appease their hormonal urges without commitment. At least, that’s what he intends…

Other upcoming releases include Sumako Kari’s award-winning slice-of-life drama, Since I Could Die Tomorrow and The Prince Is in the Villainess’ Way! by Minami Shiina, both of which will release on February 6. Additionally, Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness – The Beginning by Keith R.A. DeCandido, a Leon Kennedy story set before the events of the 2021 animated series, will be coming March 12.

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