Andy Kubert Signs Exclusive Deal with FAN EXPO HQ

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Andy Kubert has signed an exclusive deal to appear at FAN EXPO HQ events until 2025. His first appearance was at FAN EXPO Denver in June 2023, and he will attend FAN EXPO Canada in Toronto in August 2023. More shows will be added as part of FAN EXPO HQ’s effort to bring the hottest creator talent to fans across North America.

The exciting announcement is one of many FAN EXPO creator guest exclusives, which includes Frank Miller, Mark Silvestri, Joshua Williamson, and Joe Quesada.

Kubert has worked on some of the world’s best-selling comic titles. He started his career at DC Comics, where he illustrated the acclaimed Adam Strange mini-series, and then moved on to the highly successful Batman versus Predator series. After that, he drew Marvel Comics’ popular X-Men title. Kubert also worked on the original Wolverine: Origin and Marvel 1602 mini-series at Marvel, collaborating with New York Times best-selling author Neil Gaiman.

For more info on convention events and guest appearances, please visit the FAN EXPO HQ official website.

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