‘Heels’: First Look at CM Punk, Robby Ramos and Trey Tucker in Season 2

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STARZ has shared the first look at Heels returning cast members CM Punk/Phil Brooks as Ricky Rabies, Robby Ramos as Diego Cottonmouth, and Trey Tucker’s Bobby Pin ahead of season 2.

When season 1 left off, Crystal had quit the DWL which comes as a surprise to many. She eventually takes on a new role as Bill’s valet, though at first, she isn’t entirely convinced it’s the right path for her. Meanwhile, Staci and Jack are on the outs as she had given him an ultimatum — he can either tell the truth to Ace or lose her and Thomas. Jack and Ace are on the outs as it is, after having a shoot fight in the ring during their ladder match at the state fair, which allows Crystal to capture the DWL belt. Meanwhile, the simmering feud between the brothers is far from over.

Stephen Amell took part in a Whatnot live signing this week and talked Punk’s involvement in season 2, teasing a much larger role for the veteran professional wrestler. “He will have heavy involvement in the second season. Yeah, I’m excited to have him come back. I mean, obviously there’s a little bit of drama and stuff like that, but the reason that he’s been away for as long as he has been was because he tore his tricep tendon,” Amell said. “Which is, believe me, he and I are either roughly the same age. He might be a little older than I am. I might be a bit older than him, actually. I’m not sure. But I also know how things are healing at my age versus how they healed in my early 20s. So he’s taking his time. We worked out on Thursday. It’s leg day. I’m still sore.”

When we last saw Ricky, he returned to the DWL to wrestle at the South Georgia State Fair where he teamed with Big Jim against Diego and Apocalypse in a winning effort. Diego got his big push against Rooster, who had a change of heart. After Bobby’s leg was broken at the hands of Ace, he returned as the special guest referee for Jack, Ace, and Wild Bill’s three-way ladder match at the state fair.

Heels season 2 will premiere July 28 at 10 p.m. on STARZ.

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