Why The CW Canceling ‘Walker: Independence’ Was a Mistake


Imagine the setting: it’s the late 1800s and the sun is just starting to set on the horizon. The sky is swirling with different hues of pastel colors, and it’s dusty … but in the distance, you see a small town. And while the buildings might look old and dirty, the town has a unique charm. But, it’s not just the landscape with the sunset and the buildings, it’s the people in it. People who will change your life forever. That’s the town of Independence.

This week, The CW, which has been in a tailspin since it was acquired by Nexstar, canceled Walker: Independence, the prequel to The CW’s Walker. Walker was just recently renewed for its fourth season, a renewal that is panning out to be one of only two shows on the network (the other being an early renewal of All American, which was part of Nexstar’s deal when it acquired the network). The network wants to skew to an older demographic and a cheaper production cost, therefore their focus remains on acquiring international series and reality television.

So, with the cancelation comes the search for a new home. And while a few shows have been saved in the past (such as Lucifer, Manifest, and most recently, CBS’ decision to pivot and renew S.W.A.T. almost immediately after canceling it), what is The CW’s loss can be another network’s gain. One of Walker: Independence‘s executive producers, Jared Padalecki, stated that they’re committed to finding a new place for the show to land.

The first and obvious choice would be to find a home on Paramount+, since the studio that produces Walker and Walker: Independence is CBS. That would make it a pretty easy transition, not to mention that the streaming service is no stranger to Westerns, with the Yellowstone universe living there. If Paramount+ is looking to keep on the train of Westerns and cater to a newer, perhaps younger audience, this would be the perfect way to do so.

Walker: Independence did well for a new series on The CW. It gained popularity in the ratings, competing with some established shows that had been on the network for years. Since its premiere in the fall of 2022, it had often been The CW’s highest-rated new series. During its air time, it often came in as the third highest-rated series overall each week, falling being Walker and All American, the only two shows announced to have another season. Their demo also holds up well in an older audience of adults 50+.

Walker: Independence is a smart, compelling drama that is showing Westerns in a whole new way, with a diverse cast that many Westerns haven’t seen. There are characters, portrayed by wonderful actors, who showcase their heritage in a beautiful and respectful way, and you can’t help but be drawn to all of them and their stories; they make you care about every single person on the show, yes, even the supposed “bad guys.” Each person brings a unique perspective to each character, and you can tell how much each character and acting choice is carefully crafted. It comes across on screen beautifully just how much these actors care about their characters and their jobs, and they’re so engaging with the fanbase, which helps explode it onto a whole new level.

It’s a female-led show, something that is still so rare in television even these days, which is helmed by Katherine McNamara. Her strong-willed yet lovable Abigail makes you really feel for her and go along the journey with her as she goes through all of the emotions of a widow looking for her husband’s killer. She’s so present in her acting and you can almost read every single emotion through her eyes.

Matt Barr was born to play Hoyt Rawlins, and even though he’s often one of the most comedic characters, Matt can really switch to the kind and caring Hoyt, which makes him much more than just a placement for comedy.

Justin Johnson Cortez is stunning as Calian, an Apache tracker who befriends Abigail. The way he so carefully takes care of the story surrounding Indigenous people while teaching us all about their beautiful language is something to behold. Laura Terry, one of the executive producers of the show, shared a story about how they have an Apache translator, Cliff Maria, one of the last to speak the language. She told fans about how impactful it is for Cliff and his family and their community to watch the show and hear their language spoken aloud, and correctly, on national television. Cortez was also deeply protective over the language, making sure that he helped anyone else in the cast make sure they were saying it correctly.

Katie Findlay is a strong, determined, and fierce actor. Their portrayal of Kate is so smart and witty, yet you see the vulnerability written on their face throughout the entire process. Their character is so strongly written, and Katie is so masterful in their role.

There is no one else who could play Augustus like Philemon Chambers. His stoic, yet commanding presence on screen makes you wait with bated breath to see what he’ll say next. His expressions and tone make you realize just how smart he is, but that he doesn’t want to give all of his cards away.

The sweet Kai we meet, and then the Kai we see in the later episodes was so wonderfully played by Lawrence Kao. The way Kai is of so few words, Lawrence gets the point across skillfully and remains a powerful force in the story.

Gabriela Quezada brought Lucia so much heart. She was charming and sweet, and fans really loved how she brought Lucia to life. Her depth as her character went through the relationship with Hoyt, her friendship with Calian, and the death of her father, it was so wonderful to see Gabriela grow as Lucia.

Finally, it is so easy to have Tom Davidson, the series’ villain, as a two-dimensional character. He was set up to be the villain from the beginning, so it would be easy to carry that along the season. No one else, though, could embody the town’s sheriff like Greg Hovanessian. Hovanessian took the material and elevated it, to a point where fans were actually rooting for him. His delivery of the lines and the way he made himself vulnerable on screen made it easy to see why he became a fan favorite.

The story, led by showrunner Seamus Kevin Fahey, brought about a beautiful tale with twists and turns and real-life problems that even though it’s in the 1800s, you can easily connect to. The story kept the audience on its toes week after week, and even when you thought you knew everything about a character, Fahey and the writers surprised you. Between the beautiful monologues and the witty banter between characters, there was nothing quite like it. Each character was given their own space and story and crafted so intricately.

What was also so rare is how captivating the cinematography is. The show was filmed in New Mexico, and the landscape almost acted as another character. The stunning sunsets, the hills, and the vastness that you felt each time you watched an episode was like no other.

It’s a show with heart. It’s one that is deeply rooted in storytelling like no other. At the end of the day, as an actor, writer, producer, etc. the end goal is to make beautiful stories and have them mean something to someone. Walker: Independence did that in thirteen episodes, and it deserves to do it for many more episodes to come. This show has changed lives. It’s changed mine.

They say that it’s the people you meet along the way that make the difference. That doesn’t only ring true for the show, but for the show’s fandom, and the way they’ve bonded together, cried together, and rallied together.

After the news of the show’s cancelation, we asked fans to send in reasons why they love the show so much, and why it should be renewed. The answers will make you laugh, they’ll make you cry, and they’ll make you realize just how one season of a show that showcases incredibly captivating storylines, a diverse cast that an audience can relate to, and a crew that pours their heart into something so deeply, can leave a lasting impression and change peoples’ lives.

One could only hope that another network or streaming service decides to save this incredible show.

“With diversity behind the camera and on, Walker: Independence tells stories that need to be told. The cast is phenomenal, every single person, and their chemistry incomparable. And the writing is impeccable. The cinematography is superb. The costuming transports you back to another time. In short, Walker: Independence deserves to be saved because the world is a better more beautiful place with this show in it.” – Cat

“Windy is the first period piece that I have truly enjoyed in awhile. It is beautifully shot, has an intriguing storyline, and such well-built characters. The cast brings such life to each of these characters and it leaves us just wanting to know them more!” – Amanda S.

“This wonderful show is filled with surprises every week and the incredibly diverse cast brings joy to every episode. The cinematography is top-notch. This show is a much-needed break from our insane real world.” – Pam

“I don’t watch a lot of Westerns, so I was skeptical, but the show had such an incredible ensemble cast and I fell in love almost immediately. As the show continued, I was blown away by the complex storytelling and beautiful found family themes. We deserve more of this little world.” – River

Walker: Independence does have an audience. It came out right as there were a lot of new shows coming out on The CW and when the backlog of shows all aired at the same time from the pandemic. I have friends who are now going back and watching it… From those that watched it, they loved it immediately. There is an intense following and new followers feel just as strongly as those that watched it from the get-go.” – Meredith J.

“It supports a diverse cast and diverse stories, the characters are rich and vibrant as well as the setting. It’s funny, heartwarming, full of action and drama. Keeps you on the edge of your seat. It is wonderfully acted and the writing is excellent.” – Ryan N.

Walker: Independence has a very diverse cast. I wanted to visit Independence every week to see where the story would go.” – Marlene B.

“All of its characters are so beautifully written and portrayed. Their individual stories and the main story as a whole are so intriguing, make you feel all the emotions, and keep you at the edge of your seat.” – Lauren

Walker: Independence should be saved because it’s a beautiful, diverse show about how friendships can be created during difficult times. What Abby went through is something no one would wish on their worst enemy and Kat along with the rest of the cast made sure to bring those characters to life. This cast is magic! Also, the cinematography, costuming, stunts, etc. are at a level most CW shows could only dream of.” – Elise T.

Walker: Independence is an amazing show! I really love the storyline and the cast is incredible. Windy needs to be saved!” – Rebecca

“Kate’s existence as a queer character with a unique presentation of gender is something that even some shows that take place in modern times lack. For a historical show to delve into such a wonderful storyline is important to queer fans, especially sapphic viewers everywhere who, through this show, got to see a bit of their history.” – Emmie

“The cast, crew, and writers are so so talented. They are amazing, kind, funny, and hardworking people who make Walker: Independence so incredibly special. The show had me falling in love with each character from the moment they appeared on screen. The relationships that were formed in the show are incredible. The plot of the show is absolutely amazing. Seeing the behind the scenes of the actors on set makes me smile and laugh. The best part is when the actors live tweet with us and interact with the fans. They don’t have to do that but knowing they are watching the show with us and interacting when they can means the world to me. They care about the show just as much as we do and seeing them on screen every Thursday night is the best part of my week. Please please consider renewing this amazing show.” – Allie E.

“It’s very rare to come across a television show where each new episode is better than the one that came before, but Walker: Independence succeeded in just that! From the smallest of details to the overarching storyline, the show creators, cast, and crew succeeded in telling a compelling, realistic, historical story that shed a light on the people of the West whose voices have been drowned out by history. Their stories aren’t done and I desperately hope we get to see where the people of Independence end up next.” – Lori

“It is different than most shows on tv right now. It shows different groups in history with their native languages included. It has characters with multiple layers of good & bad, as well as beautiful cinematography. When you think you know where a story is going, they surprise you.” – Linda

“The storylines are top-notch, the authenticity of that time is unlike anything currently on TV. The characters are all ones you fall in love with and cinematically it is beautiful.” – Alicia

“WIndy is such a beautiful show in both story and visuals. The authenticity and commitment to diversity is second to none. The cinematography is breathtaking. Everything about it is amazing.” – Serena

“This show is not like anything else on television. The diversity, the story-telling, the actors, and the cinematography are just a few of the things that make this show great. I feel that there are so many more stories to be told and I hope we are able to witness the greatness!” – Shontill W.

Walker: Independence draws you in the second an episode comes on. The cast, the clothes, the characters, the scenery, the sets, the Easter eggs to Walker, Jared Padalecki appearing in an episode, the writing, the camera angles, and even the sky and mud puddles are so beautiful everything is just perfection. The chemistry of the cast and crew is so amazing and they really are a family they deserve many more seasons together.” – Lauren A.

“[The] diversity of cast that acts so well. Period pieces [are[ sorely lacking from tv and this is a good one. Well written, produced, and acted and the cinematography is stunning. It’s like a mini-movie every week and there’s so much more story to tell.” – Deb

Windy isn’t just explaining a rivalry from Walker anymore, it’s showing real stories from the real wild west. From Calian and showing how Indigenous people live and the struggle they went through during that time, to Kate and her struggle as a woman among the Pinkerton agency, to Kai and how Asian labor built the backbone of America, etc. Dropping this show is abandoning such beautiful stories.” Marilyn

“This show is unique in the Western genre. It shows the true diversity of the American West and how so many different kinds of people help settle and build this territory. The casting is amazing, using actors who could be actual descendants of the characters they play. This kind of story, with all of the diversity and truths that it portrays, is something that is needed on television.” – Laurie S.

“Besides being such an interesting story, it awed me with the beautiful cinematography. I never expected to enjoy a Western story and was nicely surprised when I got hooked.” – Estrella

Independence is a CW hit, every episode is emotional and exciting and the actors are incredible, especially Greg.” – Carlos

“There is very little good, GENUINE representative TV despite whatever strides the industry thinks it has made. There are very few engaging, original stories being made. Walker: Independence ticks all the boxes. Good storytelling, great cast chemistry, solid filmmaking, beautiful scenery…there is absolutely nothing not to like. Losing this on our TVs would be a loss for all the TV-viewing public of the world.” – Annemarie

“From the moment Abby first stepped into the town of Independence, I fell in love with the town and all it’s inhabitants. The series is gorgeously shot, everything and everyone is breathtaking. The storytelling is complex and nuanced, the characters are fully-realized, complex and each have their own intricate story to tell. Its cast and crew are diverse and are committed to telling everyone’s story with authenticity and respect. It is storytelling at its finest.” – Tammy

“Everything about the show and it’s storyline is so endearing. It’s now one of my TOP favorites in a tv/streaming platform that I’ve ever seen. We are so darn lucky this show exists.” – Georgia

Walker: Independence, at its core, highlights meaningful and diverse narratives and characters in a genre infamous for whitewashing, racism, and tropes, making it stand out in this day and age and a much-needed reimagining of the Western genre. The cast is so passionate and powerful in this show, in particular the absolutely Emmy-worthy acting from Katherine McNamara, Katie Findlay, Philemon Chambers, and Justin Johnson Cortez, to name just a few. The stories they tell, with themes of grief, sexuality, mental health, and self-determination all resonate deep within my core. These are stories that NEED to be told, by THIS cast and crew who so masterfully crafted them.” – Austin

Walker: Independence gives us a diverse and well-balanced look into a world where everything is not black and white like the old Western movies, we have women being friends and falling in love, addressing the wrongs done to Indigenous Americans and Asians, we watch Abby grow and change, we see that women could be more than just wives and mothers, that good people can do bad things and vice-versa, that a man can change and become a better person and that not all wrongs end in tragedy. WIndy shows us love and respect and hope for a better world and it deserves to continue that legacy.” – Lili B

“It has so much representation both in front of and behind the camera and shows how the West REALLY was: diverse. The cast have become like a family to each other, and it really shows in their portrayals of truly difficult topics, and how much they respect and love one another. We need to know more about so many of the wonderful ensemble characters!!” – The Walker Wiki

“I have never been one to watch Westerns. But I started watching Walker: Independence and I love it! The characters are rich, diverse, and relatable. The stories are easy to identify with and carry natural humor. This is a show that deserves another chance to draw more eyes and hearts.” – Moneca

“Amazing storyline and character development!” – Gianna S.

“It’s a well-written and acted show that portrays the diversity of human beings that were born and raised and settled in the American West. It has been engaging and entertaining from the first episode and has evoked a plethora of emotions in viewers.” – April M.

“This is an amazing show that has characters from all walks of life that are written properly and not like a caricature. This show did proper representation without it feeling forced and made people totally invested with the characters.” – Ashley

“This show is an awesome break from reality. The story, characters, and scenery are exquisite. Good clean family entertainment. It deserves a long road. We deserve a long road with this family.” – Laura C.

Walker: Independence breathed a new life into Westerns, introducing us to fleshed-out, diverse characters different than I’ve ever seen in a traditional Western. We as the audience deserve to see more of Abby’s and the supporting characters’ stories because there’s so much more to tell (plus, I hope for more “Sheriff Jared” cameos hehe).” – Taylor W.

“I never watched Westerns until Walker and Walker: Independence. I was happy to see Walker renewed but really upset that WIndy got canceled. It has such a diverse and exciting world of characters that are played by extremely talented artists. Also to include real actors of different types of people of authentic nations. The Cinematography is amazing. Please renew this amazing and diverse show.” – Lynne C.

“Quite simply, with a wonderfully diverse cast of characters played by extremely talented and committed actors; and brilliantly compelling storylines, Walker: Independence has done more in one season to reflect some of the reality of 1800s Texas/Western US life than any other western show or film I’ve ever watched. This amazingly cast and crew deserves the chance to keep bringing those stories to life for fans to enjoy!” – Helen H.

“The character development in just one season is amazing. The beautiful scenery and the aesthetic, in general, is like nothing else on tv. The way everyone is from such diverse backgrounds but always comes together to help and support each other. They still have many more stories to tell.” – Kasi

“It was such a well-produced show and did a great job of getting us interested and invested in the characters, even whether they were good or evil.” – Mary A.

“Complex, intriguing story that kept you guessing til the end and made you feel for all the characters, even the villains. Multifaceted characters portrayed by a talented cast, each of whom brought a unique perspective and diversity organic to the time period, yet rarely seen in movies or TV. All of it gorgeously shot and so beautiful to watch.” – Julia

Walker: Independence is a show we need today. It peels back the layers of a forgotten history, showing the audience “how the West was won.” The performers make up an excellent ensemble cast. The storytelling is impeccable. Save the show and its audience!” – Melissa

“I admit that I watched the first episode for Jared. I wanted to support him. When I watched the first episode, I realized that I was truly enjoying the show. I wanted to learn more about the little town of Independence and the people who lived in it. The characters were alive and unique to themselves. Each of them were flawed and, at times, caught up in their own grief or circumstance, yet they came together to help the town, its people, and each other.

Windy is a show that was real, and it stayed true to itself. I didn’t know what was going to happen from week to week, but I trusted the characters to tell me that week’s story, and not once did they fail me. I would love for Windy to be saved. I honestly believe that it has an audience out there. It’s a quality show that doesn’t rely on, well, blood and guts to tell a story. It’s solid in its foundation, and every actor brings a brick to that foundation, making it stronger. We need more time, more stories, to finish building our masterpiece. I need and want to know what happens next.

Windy is a family show. Please save it. I want to walk the streets of Independence again. I want to visit with the friends I’ve made and watch their latest adventures unfold. Walker: Independence means the world to me. I urge the powers that be not to let this story die. Please.” – Carla S.

“There are not shows on tv today that actually depict that era in a well thought and accurate way. Women did a lot more in the “Wild West” than history wants to tell and this show depicts that in spectacular fashion. Overall it is well done, well acted, and well written.” – Heather T.

Windy is sumptuous – stunning to look at, captivating characters, wit, sass, intrigue, pathos, emotion – everything you’d want in a modern historical drama. But it’s the representation that I love the most & the respect for getting things right.” – Susan

Walker: Independence makes me like Westerns again! It’s fun and fresh and interesting. The stories are engaging and with turns and twists that I didn’t expect, like Kai’s alliance with Tom. Not to mention the dance with the devil between Abby Walker and Tom Davidson is intoxicating! The characters in their orbit are great characters with backstories that need to be explored: Hoyt’s search for purpose, Calian’s possible connection to Abby’s descendants, Augustus’s investigations, and Kate’s detective past.” – Kathie L.

Walker: Independence should be saved because it had so much diversity with each of the characters, on top of each character held their own and plus they just had an awesome cast.” – Kim

“In one season we have come to love and care for these characters, they have become family and we have become invested in their stories. The show doesn’t hold back in showing how Calian and Augustus struggle to be accepted in the town but are always just on the edge because of their race. We are given Kate, a bisexual, who has to keep her sexuality hidden. The show gives us something needed in the stories of Calian, Gus, and Kate. There is still much of these characters’ journey to explore.” – Sherri

Walker: Independence is groundbreaking in so many ways. Everything about the show is spectacular. It broke down problematic & cliche tropes seen in previous Westerns. The show finally gave us accurate representations of Black, Indigenous, Asian, and Queer folks of the West. It gives voices to so many people whose voices should’ve been heard centuries ago!! Every group represented in the show deserves to have their stories told for many more years!” – Alex

“The captivating characters felt like real people with real emotions, not just another character in a TV show. The writing and acting are phenomenal. The landscape and cinematography are stunning. The chemistry between the cast is just sizzling. The diversity is handled respectfully, not in your face and preachy. It’s got the best cast and crew.” – Austin

“It’s rare for a show on a network to be that good and have it all. The characters were well developed from the pilot, the story was interesting and dealt with important issues, the writing was excellent and the cinematography was on the level of The Lord Of The Rings (I am not exaggerating). It was a truly diverse show, on and off-screen. It deserves to continue and for us to see that cast and crew – who clearly put all their heart into it – on our screens again.” – Mia

“It is a genuinely entertaining, smartly written, and fantastically acted show. Everything from the cinematography to the set and costume design, to the writing and performances on screen, show how much love and care has been put into it. They make handling a large ensemble cast seem easy; all the actors have such wonderful chemistry that putting any combination of them together makes for an interesting scene. They’ve set up the story for a season 2 and judging by how phenomenal season 1 was, I know a lot of people would tune in to see how the story unfolds.” – Adri

“It’s a compelling show which makes you fall in love with every single character from the get-go. Great acting, beautiful videography and diversity implemented with care and respect to the cultures.” – Z

“I love the show so much, Walker: Independence was so different then what I’ve seen lately, every character has a story that I have loved learning and I feel there is so much more to discover about them all. There was so much charm and character in the show itself, it was so lovely and you could imagine being in that era and joining right in. Such a strong performance by everyone involved. Please give us more!” – Julie R.

Walker: Independence is a masterful, modern Western that is breaking stereotypes and is complete with diverse characters that are fitting with the variety of people that there were back in the time period this show is set in. Each character has their own unique story and they all complement each other, no one story takes away from another. The storylines are rich and engaging and leave the viewer craving more. I especially love the costumes on Walker: Independence, the 1800’s women’s fashions have always fascinated me and I absolutely love the dresses that Abby has worn throughout the show. Most importantly though, I love the feeling of family that this show brings, both by the show itself and the fandom around it.” – Josie

“It’s a show that matters. It has a level of representation not often seen on TV and it’s different from everything we’ve seen. The cinematography is stunning and the cast is extremely talented. We need more time with these characters.” – Almudena

“Because everything is amazing the cast, the crew, the script, the cinematography… it is the best show I’ve seen in a very long time.” – Rebecca

“The plot lines and character stories are so not done with. They have so many options for continued storylines; stories we all want to explore and uncover. The characters have depth; they are lovable, vulnerable, and complex. I could go on. The show is beautifully shot and incredibly well thought out. You can feel how much the cast gel. You can feel the love. We want to carry on feeling this with them. So Save Walker: Independence! Thank you.” – Julie F.

“It keeps you interested the entire episode and wanting to come back for the next. The characters are very interesting and fully developed. The storyline is very entertaining and it has great production value. But mainly it was an absolutely entertaining show I wanted to watch every week on time without missing.” – Elizabeth M.

“It should be saved because it has a wonderful diverse cast of characters, it covers the historical period of that time that normally gets overlooked by television, it has great representation in front and behind the camera.” – Joanna

“The characters are strong, and the actors are portraying them so well! There is still so much to be told story-wise. Having Walker on right before this prequel was so cool because one could go back in time right after with the prequel. I hope for another network or streaming service to pick up this show.” – Maria

“I am usually not the one for Westerns, but this show captured my attention and interest from the beginning. The actors are amazing. The plot and storyline is also really well done and executed. This show brings a whole lot of representation that others don’t. This show definitely deserves more seasons!!” – Hannah

“It’s a Western without being a Western. It’s friendships, survival, and history all rolled into one incredible series that deserves to be saved.” – Holly W.

“You could talk about the unique character diversity or the stunning cinematography. You could talk about the new perspectives on historical events or the character-driven plots. But, I think it’s fun and I like it. Lots of people do and that’s reason enough.” – Vanessa

“Beautiful cinematography, incredible characters that show a different view of that time, and a phenomenal cast and crew who do a kick-ass job every day. Such rich, fully developed stories always leave me wanting more.” – Julie H.

“This show is a unique Western, which is quite a rare genre among now-existing series. The cast is incredibly talented, the story is deep, interesting, and exciting and all the scenes are beautifully filmed. Oh and look how wonderful the wardrobe is. The show is great in all meanings and deserves to be continued. Moreover, Jared Padalecki is an amazing person and a producer, who wouldn’t be involved in creating a bad show, this is proved by his previous shows.” – Kseniia

“Walker Independence is such a gorgeous, well-written, well-acted show. It gave me feelings like when I used to watch Dr Quinn Medicine Woman with my mom growing up, except even better thanks to the writers and production team’s focus on cultural sensitivity in the portrayal of Native Americans and the use of their languages. The story always has me engaged, and there isn’t a single character I haven’t found interesting. The diversity shown in the casting and storytelling is beautiful and natural– they even manage to have multiple queer characters without making it seem forced or awkwardly shoved in for diversity points. You can tell the people involved really cared! I love historical fiction and Westerns, and Walker: Independence has now created a high bar for everything else. I really hope we get to see more of it, with the same people!” – Crystal L.

“The answer is simple; Walker: Independence was the whole package! Great storytelling, great acting, and great cinematography! Simply a joy to watch each week which given little in this world that does, is so welcomed and appreciated!” – Lisa C.

Windy is an excellent show with great storytelling and very talented actors. Also, we haven’t found out about the connection to the present Walkers yet. I would love to find that out and would follow the show to every network or streaming panel which is willing to save the show.” – Andrea S.

“I didn’t watch a lot of Westerns growing up but whenever I did, the minority characters were always in the background as stereotypes. As a black woman, it’s so refreshing to see characters of different ethnic backgrounds and LGBTQ+ characters have their story told in detail. In an age where there is a struggle to tell history as it actually was versus the revised and omitted version, Walker: Independence serves an example of how we should be telling time period stories even if it’s fictional. Plus the time and care poured into the cinematography, set detail, wardrobe and so much more make this a stunning piece of television.” – Kirsten W.

“I don’t like Westerns; this show changed that. The characters are so well developed, I couldn’t help but become invested in their stories; and to top it off, the cinematography is STUNNING!” – Gina

Walker: Independence should be saved for so many different reasons. The characters are deep and complex and are easy to relate to on many different levels. Even with this ensemble cast you feel like you really know each of the characters so well even the villains. Also, the cast is extremely ethnically diverse which is very important to see in this day and age, especially for a period piece. The storytelling is both modern and classic at the same time, which is not easy to do. Last but not least just the physical world that was created for the show is just breathtaking and beautiful. From the cinematography and sets to the costumes and music all just create this rich authentic world you want to spend time in with these characters and story. Please save this wonderful, beautiful and diverse show.” – Jenna F.

Walker: independence is a great show with an incredible diverse cast, with a great story, and fantastic cinematography. It’s not finished. One season is not enough. The fans want more!” – Roberta

Walker: Independence should be saved because it’s a very good show, well written and has such a great cast, they performed so well their characters. Their story isn’t finished! They deserve more, we fans deserve more.” – Liliana

Walker: Independence should be saved because it gave us a tight-knit talented cast of characters that we fell in love with. It was a great first season with a solid story arc with many interesting subplots along the way. Fans got invested in each character, and the diversity of the characters was also refreshing. Even though set in a time period of long ago we could relate to all of them with timeless relationships, and all the tie-ins to Walker were a fun bonus.” – Jen N.

“Great cast, cinematography, diverse culture, and believable storytelling that gives a realistic look at history.” – Lesley L.

Walker: Independence was a show that I appreciated for its attention to giving its characters compelling stories and its ability to capture nuance—both in overall narrative and in the production’s attention to detail. The show was thoughtful about how it approached complex issues, and gave space and words to stories of the West that are often overlooked in popular media. I loved how it asked questions about loyalty, family, sacrifice, and necessary (and unnecessary) violence, gave insight into identity and intersectionality, and gave multidimensional context for the challenges people faced in such a volatile physical, political, and social landscape.” – Jenna

“This is completely unique storytelling, imagine….a Western that completely pulls you in. It’s compelling, it’s historical, it’s diverse in a genuine and timely way, it’s a cinematic treat with epic beauty. The cast is exceptional and leaves you wanting more time with them.” – Laura L.

Walker: Independence was the only reason I started watching Walker. The chemistry between the cast reminds me of early Dawson’s Creek. The feeling like they’ve been friends forever. This is the first show in a long time that has gotten the balance between modern and period right. Not to mention the acting skills of these actors make you feel like you’re going through the story as well. I look forward to watching it every week!” – Anna

“This show quickly became one of my favorites, I started watching it because of Kat McNamara and my love for her. I fell in love with the whole cast and the intriguing story, the mystery, and the beautiful representation. This story shows the real Western world and the beauty of it all! It has so much more to tell!” – Anna-C.

“A beautiful story with a diverse cast with so many important stories being told that are normally ignored in traditional westerns – POC, queer people, Native Americans, etc – all as people with their own history and stories and not simply cast as villains or sidekicks (and the beautiful Apache language that was gifted to the cast and crew from Native speakers and showcased in such an important way). We may live in very different times, but everyone in the audience could find themselves reflected in a character(s) or storyline. Not to mention the brilliant cast who gave moving, uplifting, heartbreaking, edge-of-your-seat performances week after week thanks to the writers and the crew who helped craft the story.
And as fans, we truly appreciate how both the cast and crew were so welcoming and interactive, they shared so much with us and it made us feel involved and appreciated.” – Amanda G.

Walker: Independence should be saved for many reasons. The show is telling compelling stories about the diverse side of the Wild West and using them to educate others. We need more stories like this on television.” – Kirsten

“It’s a new-aged amazing Western with a great cast and crew.” – Alex C.

Walker: Independence is the very representation of strong women making history, with an amazing representation of Native American life, the life of immigrants, and the very essence of what a melting pot should look like. It has history, humor, romance, action, and suspense! The cast is extraordinary and the storyline is fantastic. I’m deeply saddened that this was canceled.” – Andrea D.

“It should be saved because not only is the story itself really engaging, but also showcases what the West was like – that it was filled with diversity and that their stories should be heard… Their stories are just as important as those of the white people who headed west.” – Helen O.

Why do you want to see Walker: Independence receive a second chance?

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