‘Walker’ Recap: Season 3, Episode 17 “It Writes Itself”


The penultimate episode of season 3 of Walker aired tonight, and some new characters are introduced into the Walker storyline. However, they seem like trouble. Let’s dive into tonight’s episode.

A Walker Rescue Celebration

Walker Rescue gets ready to open as the Walker family and friends celebrate. Larry tells Cordell that he proposed to Kelly and she said yes. Larry asks Cordell to officiate the ceremony. Abeline and Bonham overhear, and Larry tells them, as well as Cassie and Trey about him and Kelly. Abby says they can have the wedding at the ranch if they want, and Larry agrees, saying Kelly loves the ranch.

Stella and Liam take the stage to thank everyone for coming to the opening. The two cut the ribbon and officially open the rescue.

In the house, Trey asks when the bachelor party is, and they all decide to go camping at Racer Ridge.

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Kelly’s Bachelorette Party

Cassie and Kelly arrive at the Side Step, where they see Kelly. Kelly mentions that her friends are stuck in Florida, and Cassie and Geri suggest the three of them hang out and have a bachelorette party weekend.

The girls arrive at a spa, relaxing as they take it all in. Kelly gets a phone call from work, and the three decide they can use their phones in the spa.

The ladies are at the Side Step, as it’s being cleaned by a bunch of shirtless men, who are also waiting on Cassie, Kelly, and Geri. Kelly’s phone rings and a player of hers was drafted into the MLB. Geri and Cassie agree it’s been nice to hang out and agree to do so outside of everyone else.

Larry’s Bachelor Party

Liam, Trey, and Larry are all getting their horses ready early in the morning. Cordell and Augie are in the house, and Augie is looking up the Army on his computer. They head outside to get ready, and a car arrives. DJ, Larry’s son, pops out of the car and surprises them all, and he’s coming along on the trip. Trey talks about how he’s put off camping and asks if there are bears, but Liam mentions snakes and big cats.

They all take off on horses and arrive at the campsite. As they do various tasks, Cordell is writing his speech and has a flashback from Grey Flag torturing him. Liam interrupts, nothing Cordell is a little off. Later, the guys are all playing football and Cordell has another flashback moment with a gun in his hand, this time as he’s in the Marines. Liam once again notices him a little off.

At night, they’re around a fire roasting marshmallows as Cordell’s trying to write again. Cordell and Liam are talking, and Liam tells Cordell maybe he needs to face what he’s feeling. They continue talking when they tell Trey not to move; there’s a snake under his boot. Cordell ends up taking a bucket and capturing it, as a car arrives. It’s a local forest ranger, Ranger Shelton, who tells them they can’t have a fire due to the burn notice, and she takes the snake in the bucket away from them. Cordell once again has a vision, this time seeing a shadow in the woods.

The next day, Cordell sees a vision of his younger self down by the river skipping rocks. He goes down there and has a conversation with him. Younger Cordell tells him that he’s carrying a lot of weight. He says he needs to confront the past, and says there’s one more tough conversation he needs to have.

Stella and Sadie

Sadie and Stella are at Stella’s place, and Sadie asks Stella to go to a party at a college. Sadie and Stella arrive at the party where Sadie sees one of her friends, Witt, who she met in Dallas. As Stella goes to find a drink, she runs into Bel.

Bel and Stella talk, and Bel says that her parents are good, they all ended up moving to Nevada and got working visas. They opened up a restaurant, and Bel came back to Texas for college. Stella tells her about the rescue and how she’s been okay. Bel says she’s studying pre-law to be an immigration attorney and that she’s started a podcast, and she’d love for Stella to be a guest.

The next day, Stella goes to see Bel as she’s recording her podcast. Stella apologizes and says everything that went down in high school impacted her in ways she can’t imagine, and tells her how her life hasn’t been easy lately, and she wished she would have handled things differently.

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Bonham and Abeline

Bonham and Abeline are sitting outside of the house and talking about how it’s the first time in nearly 20 years the house has been truly empty. Abeline asks Bonham to grab the blindfold he made last summer and gives him a look as she goes back into the house.

Later, Bonham and Abeline are outside and reminiscing about their honeymoon they never got to have; a trip to Italy. There was going to be a little Italian car that was going to whisk them to the airport and straight to Italy for ten days. However, they never got to go. Bonham says they should make Larry and Kelly’s sendoff the very best possible.

Later, Bonham tells Abeline to come with him and he wants to show her something. He takes out the blindfold and tells her to put it on. He leads her outside where there’s a small red Italian car and lights all outside. Bonham tells her their honeymoon was long overdue, and asks her to go to Italy right after Kelly and James’ wedding. Abeline says yes, and the two get in the car to take it for a spin.

Cordell Confronts the Past

The guys all get back on the horses and ride back to the Walker ranch, where Abeline and Bonham are waiting. A car pulls up with Marine Corps police, and Coop steps out. The Marine Corps police tell Cordell he has a few minutes with Coop. Coop is headed to D.C. he thinks, and Bonham comes over and thanks him for having his family’s back. Coop and Cordell talk, and Cordell gets Coop’s flag out of his truck. He tells him that he kept it, and Coop apologizes. Cordell says he brought him here to say two things; thank you, for teaching him a lot about how to be a man, and two, goodbye, to the trauma, the guilt, and to Coop. He hands the flag back to Coop, and the two shake hands before the Marine Corps police take Coop back to the car.

Cordell arrives at Ranger HQ to talk to Larry. Cordell says he finished the first part of his officiant speech and shows him, and Larry closes it before reading it, saying that he knows it will come from his heart.

New Faces Spell Trouble

In a diner, we see Sadie’s friend from the party Witt. A lady comes to sit down across from him, and it’s Ranger Shelton from Larry’s bachelor party. She asks him what he found, and he says that Stella Walker is a bit of a dreamer and she’s harmless. Ranger Shelton says the boss will like that, and she found the others at the campsite. She says they found the perfect window of opportunity, and states, “It’s a nice day for a ranger wedding.” (coincidentally, the finale’s title.)

Walker airs Thursday nights on The CW. You can catch up the next day on The CW app. The finale of season 3 of Walker will air next Thursday, May 11.

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