‘9-1-1’ Recap: Season 6, Episode 16 “Lost & Found”


In this week’s episode of 9-1-1 ,Chimney debates the merits of proposing to Maddie as the team weighs in on his decision. Meanwhile, the 118 has several calls with lost items at stake. Keep reading to find out what happened in this week’s episode.

Cases of the Week

Jack Zeman/FOX

Crypto is Trash

Two young men dig their way through a huge trash pile at the local landfill in search of one’s hard drive that was accidentally tossed out. The man rants that one is $4 million in crypto currency, and he refuses to give up finding it. Just as he thinks he’s found it, the unstable pile begins to shift, and both are crushed in different areas. The very irate sanitation worker calls 9-1-1 and the 118 report to the trash pile to hunt for them. The first one is found partially inside a piano, and Hen carefully cuts away the strings, reminding the man to be still or he could be injured much worse. Meanwhile, the second is trapped in a collapsed area that is now on fire. The team quickly repel down to extract him just in time.

The 118 are more than a little annoyed with the two as they continue to rant about finding the drive. One even threatens to return once he is released from the hospital. Shaking their heads, the team loads up and heads out.

Nightmares Become (Almost) Reality

A young lady has a very vivid nightmare about losing her all her teeth (a stress related dream I’m sure many are familiar with). When she wakes, she double checks to make sure her teeth are still all there. Of course they are, but that nightmare dream is only the beginning as she starts coughing repeatedly. Things that look similar to teeth begin to fly out of her mouth, and she quickly calls 9-1-1.

When the team arrives, Hen and Chimney quickly determine it’s not her teeth, but actually a condition known as tonsil stones (calcified bacterial deposits caused by drainage and other debris being caught in the tonsils). The woman is suffering from a massive amount of them, but they are able to take her to the hospital where they can be removed.

Code Adam

A mother visits the mall with her three children when the youngest complains that he wants a snack. Frustrated with the crowds and the kids, she sits them down and decides to get them all pretzels. While she’s gone, the oldest two watch a video on the oldest kid’s phone. The mother’s worst nightmare comes true when she turns around to the table and sees that 4-year-old Jayden is missing. She and the two older girls begin yelling for him, but he’s no where to be seen.

She calls 9-1-1 ,and Maddie tries to calm her while she sends every officer in the area to help search for the boy. Athena and several officers arrive on scene to discover there is no PA system in this mall. However, Athena decides to crowdsource it and gets everyone to begin chanting Jayden’s name as loud as they can. As his name echoes, little Jayden is tucked away in the nearby candy store snacking away to his heart’s content. When he hears his name, he finally emerges from his hiding spot and comes out of the store. Cheers go up as the mother and sisters rush to him for a hug.

To Propose or Not To Propose?

Jack Zeman/FOX

After the stressful tax situation in last week’s episode, Chimney has decided that he wants to propose to Maddie as the tax accountant informed them they can save $14,000 simply by filing together. They haven’t discussed it at all, but he feels like doing so makes it less romantic. He and Hen look at rings, but he’s indecisive and stresses over the choice. He finally picks one out, deeming it perfect for Maddie. Now, the real kicker: how to propose? Chimney tells the team he has a laid back plan, but they quickly inform him that proposals are a whole thing now, and he needs to go big. They proceed to pitch him several ideas, all of which sound like various calls the 118 have been on over the years.

Meanwhile, Hen seems less than enthused about the idea, and Buck notices the shift in her attitude. When he confronts her about it, she points out that all she recalls was how stressed out Chimney was when Maddie left him to raise Jee alone, and she doesn’t trust Maddie not to do that again. Buck again reminds her Maddie was sick. While Chimney worries over whether it’s the right thing to propose, his excitement leads him to bring the ring to the firehouse, partially to show off, and partially because he can’t leave it home where Maddie might find it. Chimney and Bobby discuss the matter while Chimney hides away with Jee in Bobby’s office since the babysitter called in sick. He’s still holding the box when Maddie shows up to grab Jee, and he quickly tucks it away into his pocket.

Hours later after a call to the trash center, Chimney realizes the ring is missing. They all search high and low, but he becomes suspicious that someone stole the ring. He narrows it down to Hen, who he has also realized seems against the proposal. They have a heart to heart where Hen reminds him of how Maddie left and asks if he can trust her to not leave again. Chimney tells her they are passed that, he’s forgiven Maddie, but Hen says she hasn’t. He points out that it took time for Hen to regain Karen’s trust when she cheated, and this is very similar. He’s beginning to trust Maddie again and believes she won’t leave. With that, Hen points out that there’s only one place they haven’t checked: the trash dump.

Hen and Chimney sift through the trash, but it isn’t long before the cops are called, and Athena shows up to pick them up for trespassing. Chimney realizes at this point it must be gone, and he’ll have to get a new one to replace it.

Meanwhile at home, Maddie asks Jee if she wants to pick out a toy to play while she makes a glass of milk. With Maddie in the other room, Jee runs to her stroller and finds the ring that fell into the seat. She still had it in her hand when Maddie picked her up from the firehouse, and it’s been with Jee the entire time. Jee tucks it into the bed of her dollhouse before returning to play with Maddie.

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