‘The Rookie’ Recap: Season 5, Episode 21 “Going Under”

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The penultimate episode of The Rookie included Lucy going undercover, Celina finding love (and severed limbs), and Aaron using unusual methods to close cases.

Love and Lost Limbs

After closing the case of her sister’s death, Celina is a little lost on how to live without that weight on her. To fill that gap, she decides to try dating. She tries a dating app but struggles to find anything good. Nolan tells her about how Bailey just showed up at his house one day, and the rest is history, so she should wait for someone to come to her.

While figuring out her dating life, Celina and Nolan are also on the hunt for severed limbs. A torso appeared, and they are looking for a matching leg to help identify the body. It turns out there are a lot of disconnected limbs in Los Angeles, though. They find many that don’t match before getting a call about a guy’s dog fishing one out of a river.

The dog is a rescue with attachment issues and grew attached to the leg, though. Celina figures out that she can make the dog react by hugging his owner to shift the attachment back to him. Once he’s moved on to being territorial over his owner, they’re able to retrieve the leg. The owner offers to help if they need it in a clear attempt to get closer to Celina, but she misses it until Nolan tells her that’s what he was doing.

With the leg, they’re able to identify the body and link it to a missing person’s case. Nyla calls in the person who reported him missing, two friends of the victim, and talks to them. The interrogation is suspicious, and they end up finding footage of the three firing missiles. The footage shows the victim walking onto the shooting range and getting shot.

While looking into that, the guy from before stops by the station to see Celina again. They talk briefly before he asks her out. She accepts and gives him her card because she has to run off to follow a lead.

Lucy’s Undercover

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Following up on the operation that they worked on with Isabel, Lucy goes undercover with Tim backing her to get Frank back behind bars. Lucy is pretending to be a plastic salesperson that Frank believes he can force help with his ghost gun manufacturing. After being under for about a week, Frank approaches Lucy. She pretends to be uninterested until Frank threatens her to the point where she has to agree to help.

He brings her out to dinner, but before they can truly get talking, one of Frank’s men shoots through the window of the restaurant. They manage to not get shot, though, and Tim, who was watching in case Lucy needed backup, goes after the shooters. He manages to catch the actual shooter but loses the driver. Luckily the shooter’s gun was empty because Tim wouldn’t have made it out of that face-off otherwise.

Later, Frank figures out which one of his guys did it and picks Lucy up to be his lookout so he can kill him. Lucy calls Tim, and he gets the police on the way. She uses that as an excuse to get Frank out of there before he can kill anyone. Once they’re away from it all, Frank accuses her of being a cop because she knew they were coming. She covers herself by showing him that she had a police scanner app on her phone and heard they were coming.

Once Frank realizes he can trust her again, he opens up about how being out of jail is different than he expected. They talk about his daughter, too, and Lucy encourages him to go see her. In the end, it appears that Frank is going to be walking away from the life of crime, and the op is over.

The Difference

While Lucy is undercover, Tim is tailing her in case she needs backup. He spends the whole operation anxious and ready to jump to her rescue. After the shooting, they meet up in the laundry room of her fake apartment. They comfort each other, and before he can sneak away, Lucy convinces him to stay. It’s later revealed that they hooked up in the laundry room.

At the end of the op, they go home, and Lucy says she’s ready to crash. Tim compares it to how Isabel used to be after an op. When they’re getting ready, he makes another comment that’s clearly about Isabel but applies it to Lucy. Lucy says something to him about how they’re different people, and he needs to know that if this is going to work.

Closing Cases

Aaron gets roped into closing the cases that Angela had open when she left for leave. Wesley isn’t happy about Angela working though, so they have to sneak around to communicate.

The tasks he needs to do requires Aaron to do unconventional things to get information. Grey is unimpressed by it all, but Aaron manages to crack seven cases by sorting through trash and doing ClipTalk dances.

He ends up at the hospital at the same time that Angela and Wesley are there for a check-up, so he pops in and updates her. He makes a comment that Aaron works as a girl’s name, too which reveals the gender of the new baby.

The Rookie will be back for the season five finale on Tuesday, May 2 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC. Until then, check out our other coverage of The Rookie here!

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