‘The Rookie’ Recap: Season 5, Episode 20 “S.T.R.”

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A few old faces are back on The Rookie! Tim’s ex-wife asks for his help on a case and Skip Tracer Randy gets himself into a bit of trouble.

Angela’s Assistant

When Angela refuses to take her leave when Grey pushes her to, he assigns Aaron as her assistant for the day. He helps with all the things she wants or needs to do but is struggling due to how pregnant she is.

There’s a guy that Aaron gets set up in an interrogation room for her. All she needs from him is a confession. In order to get it, she continuously leaves to go to the bathroom and then does gross things and blames it on the pregnancy until he cracks and confesses.

At the end of the day, Grey goes to Angela and tells her that he doesn’t want to see her back until after she’s had the baby.

Isabel Returns

While Tim, Lucy, and Tamara are preparing breakfast, there’s a knock at the door. Tim reveals to Lucy that Isabel called him and asked to talk, so he asked her to stop by Lucy’s. The pair talk to her and she tells them that she had someone she was close to when she was undercover reach out to her and she’s worried they were in trouble.

At the station, Tim and Isabel are working together mainly and pulling Lucy in for the major things. They talk to the missing girl’s uncle and he insists that she’s an adult who is probably sleeping at a friend’s and not missing. After that, they reach out to her father, who is in jail due to Isabel’s operation, and he doesn’t know anything. This triggers him to reach out to the uncle and they listen in on the call.

With some digging, Isabel remembers a spot where she took the girl once before to hide away and thinks she might be there as a safe space. While preparing to look at the area, Isabel and Tim talk about when she was undercover and how that affected him. Later, Lucy takes Tim’s space to talk to Isabel. She turns the radio that Tim is listening in on and off and asks her about her time undercover.

While talking, they see the girl going into the hotel. Isabel talks to her and she reveals that she overheard her uncle putting a hit on her dad which is why she ran. While they’re talking, Tim sees several people showing up to kill her sent by her uncle. She figures out that Isabel was a cop and isn’t happy, but when Isabel saves her life she goes with her. At the end of the episode, the two talk, and Isabel asks her to keep her identity a secret because it puts everyone she worked with at-risk whether they knew or not. She also tells her that they found her uncle’s body.

At the end of the episode, Lucy opens up to Tim about her love of UC work. She expresses that she’s scared that he won’t be able to handle it though and he insists that he’ll be fine.

Skip Tracer Randy’s Back

While at the station, Nyla gets a call from Skip Tracer Randy. He asks, hypothetically, if it was trespassing if he stumbled on something he wasn’t supposed to. Nyla says under any circumstances it is still trespassing and it seems like he’s going on his way until she gets another call from him. Now, he’s found a dead body. She tells him to leave it alone but as she’s saying that, he slips and falls into the victim’s blood.

At the station, Nolan and Nyla learn that Monica is his lawyer, and all three advise him to stay at home and stop looking into things. He doesn’t listen and manages to find another dead body. This leads them to have to question him and he gives them some information. The information ends up being a lie but they find another lead to work with.

After ruling out some suspects, they get a panicked call from Randy who is in someone’s trunk. It turns out he was looking into the suspects as well and ended up in one of their cars while looking around. The suspect was already ruled out due to alibi by Nolan and Nyla, so they pull him over and Nyla distracts him so Nolan can get Randy out of the truck.

Back at the station, Randy got a message from someone they’d been looking into. Apparently, he plays pickleball with him normally and now he’s threatening Randy. They decide to use Randy as bait and as soon as Randy walks up to him, he starts strangling him leading to Nolan and Nyla arresting him.

An Old Friend

With a friend from college in town, Bailey is stuck reliving her partying days and is struggling to keep up. Nolan keeps pushing her to ask her friend to leave but she feels bad and doesn’t want to. At one point, Bailey gets arrested for being drunk in public because her friend brought her along to meet up with someone she met online. When things get nasty, Bailey stepped in leading to her getting arrested.

At the end of the trip, her friend expresses to Bailey that she thinks Bailey has a problem with alcohol so she’s going to go home. Instead of defending herself, Bailey uses this as an out to suggest they skip next year’s trip so she can “get help”.

The Rookie will be back on Tuesday, April 25 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC. Until then, check out our other coverage of The Rookie here!

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