‘9-1-1: Lone Star’ Recap: Season 4, Episode 12 “Swipe Left”

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This week’s 9-1-1: Lone Star saw Marjan dipping her toes in the dating pool once again, T.K. and Carlos forced to have a hard discussion, and a case of a cheating husband has a surprise twist in store for one of the 126.

Maybe Baby

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Taking the next steps in wedding planning, T.K. and Carlos interview a number of potential wedding officiants for the big day. The prospective individuals range in their faiths and throw more than a few wrenches in the idea that this is going to be an easy decision. T.K.’s own rabbi is all on board to wed them and things are going smoothly until he mentions that they’ll need to start the process of Carlos’ faith conversion. A Catholic priest also seems like a possible yes until Carlos comments that’s he’s pleasantly surprised the man is willing to marry a gay couple. He then casually comments that the pair will be together forever… in hell, effectively ending that particular interview. Their third candidate goes by Amethyst and compliments both their auras, and it’s pretty clear she’s a little too free spirited for the job.

Their fourth and final candidate, Nicole, seems perfect and tells them she wants couples to have the big conversations up front. They say they’ve done that but Nicole mentions kids and at the same time, Carlos says he doesn’t want any while T.K. says they can’t wait to have them. Later, T.K. confronts Carlos about it who tells T.K. he likes other people’s kids and wants to hike and sleep in in Tuscany with T.K. and be who they are. T.K. points out he doesn’t like hiking and hates sleeping in. Carlos simply answers he doesn’t think they are ready for that kind of responsibility when they’ve never even had a pet and T.K. reminds him of their pet lizard Lou (who escaped and they eventually set free.)

Thus sparks, a days long debate as Carlos and T.K. individually grapple with what it means for them each to have such different opinions on the subject. T.K. confides in Tommy while at work who says it was the difficult for her to conceive when they were trying but it was ultimately completely worth it. T.K. then goes to Owen about it who reminds him to take what life gives him and decide together. T.K. agrees that Carlos is his person.

Carlos, meanwhile, talks it over with his mother who tells him he needs to look inward to answer why this is such a difficult topic for him. Ultimately, Carlos tells her that he’s worried about being a good father because of his own strained relationship when T.K. and Owen have such a great one. He’s afraid of not measuring up. She reminds him that the most important thing is that whatever they decide they do it together.

Carlos comes home with a suspiciously large box under his arm and has a frank conversation with T.K. about kids. He tells him everything he realized while talking to his mother and even brought a peace offering for T.K. Inside the box, is another bearded dragon who they quickly name Louis II. Of course, while they have their conversation in which Carlos tells T.K. he’s not sure he’s ever going to be ready to be a father, the lizard vanishes. T.K. tells Carlos he’s ok with Lou II possibly being their only child.

Karma’s a Relaxing Thought

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A very familiar couple shops for a high end sports car after receiving thousands in donations for a new home. They lucked into a duplex and the wife asks if they should be considering giving it back but the husband pressures her into agreeing and they drive off the lot with sports car. They push the car over 100 as they fly down the highway when another car passes them and they see this as a challenge to race. The husband leans into the challenge, but doesn’t see an oncoming turn in time and slides off the road ending up parallel to a dump truck. The truck proceeds to dump hundreds of pounds of manure on the open top car and all over the couple.

The 126 arrive to discover the couple is none other than Mitch and Lila, the very couple that caused Marjan to leave the 126. Owen and Tommy both take their time assessing the situation, in order to be safe of course, and determine they’ll need to be dug out with shovels the old fashioned way. When they ask for respirators, Owen says it’s really up to the equipment head aka Marjan. She agrees on one condition. After they are extracted, Marjan starts a little livestream wherein Mitch and Lila both have to say a thank you to the the Austin Firefighters. Marjan also takes the opportunity to point out that $100,000 of the donated funds were spent on their new car.

Marjan’s Dating Journey

Paul accompanies Marjan to physical therapy where she and the therapist, Joe, are noticeably flirty as they do her final exercise. Paul points it out but Marjan denies flirting with him.

After seeing that her ex-fiance just had a baby with his new wife, Marjan is feeling left out when it comes to relationships and the 126 convince her to get back in the dating pool. She tells them that she wants to do it right with chaperones as is customary in Muslim dating culture but her family all live too far away. Owen points out she has a whole family of willing chaperones right here in Austin so with their encouragement she decides to get back out there. T.K. and Carlos, Paul, Nancy and Mateo, and Owen all accompany her on various dates. A few seem promising including T.K.’s required “comfort nerd” pick who is sweet and thoughtful up until he finds out Marjan isn’t into Harry Potter. Apparently, that’s a dealbreaker and he leaves. Meanwhile, the gym bro chaperoned by Nancy and Mateo definitely doesn’t work out to the point Marjan actually uses the safe word established by the group to end her date ASAP. Finally, she’s on a date with Fauza, a tax attorney who seems promising. His passion is working in the international dog rescue space and by the end of the date it’s unclear of Marjan or Owen is more into Fauza. She’s clearly hopeful for a second date with him.

Parking Lot Rage

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A very pregnant woman arrives at a seedy motel asking after her husband at the front desk. The receptionist refuses to give out information on their guests, but the woman rages that she knows her husband is there, likely with another woman, because his car is out front. He still refuses to help so she returns to her car where she notices the parking lot is under construction and spots an unattended bulldozer. She steals it and runs into the motel with it, crashing through the front doors and attached restaurant until she hits a support beam and brings the ceiling down trapping her inside.

The 126 arrive to find people standing outside the building watching and begin assessing the situation. They are able to carefully extract the woman with little harm to her or her baby. As they wheel her away, she spots her cheating husband coming from an upstairs room with another woman. When she screams at him, Marjan and Owen realize he is familiar; that is Fauza. Marjan is more than a little deflated after that.

Flirting in Aisle 5

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Paul and Marjan shop at the local grocery store for the ingredients to a Lebanese mezze she’s going to cook for her, Paul, and Asha. Marjan tells Paul she understands if they want to have just couple time but he tells her she’s coming no matter what. As they round the corner the bump into none other than physical therapy Joe. She’s surprised to find him in a halal market, but he tells her he’s actually Muslim. Joe is a nickname for Yusuf. Marjan is a little flustered and when the conversation is about to end Paul not so subtly shoves Marjan at Joe. She steps up and invites him to dinner with her, Paul, and Asha. He says he would love to and walks away to grab some extra porterhouse steaks. Paul, ever the perfect wingman, grabs the basket from Marjan so she can go with him and chat.

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