‘The Mandalorian’ Recap: Season 3, Episode 5 “Chapter 21: The Pirate”

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Bo-Katan continues to grapple with her place amongst the Mandalorians and Grogu is earning his within the covert. Paz Vizsla is also now indebted to Din after he saved Paz’s son from the raptors, something that likely isn’t sitting well. Read on to find out what happens in this week’s episode, “The Pirate.”

Trouble on Nevarro

Looks like that run-in with Gorian Shard in the square on Nevarro from earlier in the season won’t be unanswered. A pirate Corsair is hailing High Magistrate Greef Karga and it’s Gorian seeking retribution for the death of his clansmen. Karga tries to convince Shard that Nevarro is under the protection of the New Republic, but Shard knows better. He knows it’s not even protected by Moff Gideon anymore.


The pirate’s guns begin to fire on the square and Karga refuses his escape pod, stating he won’t abandon his city and he needs to get his people to safety.

Karga gets a message to Captain Teva of the New Republic on the Adelphi base who immediately opts to aid the planet before it turns into a pirate base before none other than Zeb Orellios of Rebels‘ Ghost team arrives (he’s the first of the team to make their live-action debut with more already confirmed to appear in Ahsoka). Zeb tells Zeva by the time the request goes through on Coruscant it might be too late, so Zeva decides to go make his case in person.

While on Coruscant, Zeva is spotted by than Officer Kane who recognizes him immediately. As Teva is making his plea to the colonel, she walks in and is asked if she’s ever heard of Nevarro during her time on the Outer Rim and she reminds the commanding officer that Nevarro has yet to sign the charter. Zeva continues to press the matter, stating that stormtroopers walk the streets, TIE fighters fly brazenly in the sky, and rumors of Moff Gideon occupying the city run rampant. He knows more is at work on Nevarro.

Kane tells them both that perhaps this will push Nevarro into signing the charter when they’re left abandoned in their time of need, and Zeva says that’s a very imperial way of thinking. Zeva knows something bigger is happening and when the New Republic finally decides to act, it will be too late. He leaves with this final warning. Meanwhile, Karga has his citizens on the lava flats.

Help of Another Kind

Without an official channel to work with, Teva finds the hidden Mandalorian covert thanks to R5. Din greets him and saves him from Paz Vizsla’s heavy artillery recalling when Teva had also once let him go with his life and without arrest. A favor for a favor. However, when Teva tells Din of Karga’s troubles and confirms that the New Republic won’t be aiding him, it leaves Din with little choice. As he leaves, Teva assures Din he won’t reveal the location of the covert, although the Mandalorians will still likely be moving.


Din sets to work convincing the covert that Karga is worth saving. He tells them that Karga has offered him a strip of land on Nevarro that the Mandalorians can occupy and live in the light once again on a planet that wants them there. Paz Vizsla takes the floor after Din, arguing that Karga isn’t worth their help, he’s already watched his people die after saving Grogu, why again? However, it turns out that Paz is on Din’s side. He owes Din now for saving his son and risking their lives is the Mandalorian way and he’s willing to take up arms and fight by Din and Bo’s side.

Bo preps the Mandalorians, stating she and Din will provide air support from above as they work with the element of surprise to defeat the pirates.

The Fight for Nevarro

Pirates have overrun the destructed city and Din is first to approach the Corsair from the air. Gorian recognizes him immediately as Din takes a shot at the ship and so far everything is going as planned. The snubfighters are released to pursue the N-1 and all of Shard’s attention is on Din.

After a quick thank you from Karga over the comm, Din leads the Corsair away and Bo approaches with the foot teams, dropping them in before turning back to aid Din in the air. After Bo takes out one of the Corsair’s engines, the snubfighters turn away from the N-1 and regroup to take on the Gauntlet at Shard’s request.


The foot soldiers on the streets find themselves boxed in by pirates until Paz Vizsla and his unit arrive, with Paz making quick work of the enemies surrounding them. Everything changes when the pirates mount some heavy artillery on a balcony, taking out the Mandalorians with ease as they try to shoot them down.

Din and Bo are making light work of the snubfighters, taking out another engine as the shields begin to fail on the Corsair, while the Armorer takes her forging tools and obliterates the pirates with the high ground. They successfully clear out the city, the last remaining pirate survivors coming face-to-face with Karga and his citizens who surrender immediately.

With only one snubfighter left, manned by Vane, Shard’s position isn’t looking very good. It gets worse when Vane abandons his captain and takes off in favor of saving his own skin. But despite his terrible chances, Shard won’t surrender, instead firing on the townspeople and Mandalorians below. With a few more shots, Din and Bo take down the Corsair and send it hurtling to the ground to end in a fiery explosion.

In thanks for helping him save the planet, Karga gifts the Mandalorians all land from the western lava flats to Bulloch canyon to the Mandalorians to live freely and peacefully.

Remove Your Helmet


The Armorer sends for Bo to join her at the covert’s old forge in the sewers of Nevarro. As the Armorer compares the grand forge of Mandalore to this one here hidden away, she realizes that while both are very different, they serve the same purpose. She then instructs Bo-Katan to remove her helmet.

Despite her strict adherence to the Way, the Armorer knows that too many have strayed. They must all walk together, no matter their beliefs. Even the Armorer thought the mythosaur was only a legend, yet Bo-Katan has seen one, and it’s a sign that the next age has come, and since Bo has walked both ways, she will be the one to unite them.

Bo without her helmet and the Armorer rejoin the covert, and the Armorer tells them that Bo is going off to find more Mandalorians in exile to join them. Paz Vizsla questions this now that Bo’s helmet has been removed, and the Armorer tells them that she walks both worlds. It is time to retake Mandalore.

That Spells Trouble

As Teva patrols the galaxy, he finds a Lamda shuttle destroyed and floating freely. He calls it in and Reed confirms there is a report of a missing shuttle in this area but the details are classified. Teva launches a probe and finds it’s a New Republic prison transport, the very ship transporting Moff Gideon. His body is missing and there’s only one clue as to who might have extracted him: beskar alloy embedded in the ship’s wall.


Episode 6 of The Mandalorian premieres next Wednesday, April 5 exclusively on Disney+.

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