‘The Rookie’ Recap: Season 5, Episode 18 “Double Trouble”

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After a small break, The Rookie is back with another one of its documentary episodes! This year’s focused on Tim and Lucy and their doppelgängers.

Seeing Double

When the guy who’s been making documentaries with cases at the station learns about Jake and Sava, he jumps at doing one about them. The focus is on the case that Tim and Lucy worked in Vegas, but it quickly changes when they learn that Jake has disappeared.

Jake was in jail for drug charges following the events of Vegas but got out on good behavior. Sava was there to pick him up, and after that, they started pretending to be things like nannies and handymen for rich people so they could stay at their houses and steal from them. They managed to get a gig with Lance Bass but lost it when they defiled his house. After that, they started working for the Baudelaire family. It’s when working there that Jake goes missing.

Love Affair Gone Wrong

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While looking for Jake, they interview Sava and other people that have been on their paths. They end up finding Jake’s body, which is momentarily mistaken for Tim, in a dumpster.

After being interrogated, Sava keeps some information from the police but shares it with the guy making the documentary about it all. A few days before Jake disappeared, someone tried to run him and Sava off the road.

With some digging, they learned it was Sava’s best friend, Lisa, who Jake was having an affair with. He tried to cut things off with her after he got out of jail, though, which upset her and led to her killing him.

They find Lisa with an antique weapon that Jake had stolen, and when going after her, she shoots Nolan. He’s covered by his vest, though, and they’re able to arrest her.

Side Hustles

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Another thing that popped up while investigating is that Baudelaire’s former nanny’s body was discovered. They thought Jake and Sava did it to get the job, but they weren’t in the country when it happened. Through some digging, they found phone records with the former handyman threatening her. He admits to it in the end.

It turns out the Baudelaires weren’t that innocent, though. When looking around their house, Tim discovered a secret room full of artifacts, portraits, and other high-value relics, including a painting there that significantly resembles Grey.

They learn that Jake was planning to steal a gun for something his cousin was working on after Lucy goes undercover as Sava to talk to someone who texted Jake and Sava about it. The CIA interrupts the meeting and refused to disclose more information but did hand over the number on Jake’s burner phone so they could learn about Lisa.

Tim and Lucy

Throughout the documentary, they try to push the narrative that because Jake and Sava’s relationship went so poorly, Tim and Lucy’s will too. They both push back against that through the whole thing until Tim sets them straight, with Lucy backing up what he says. Their relationship is far different and much stronger than the other couple’s.

The Rookie returns on Tuesday, March 28 at 8 p.m. EST. Until then, check out our other coverage of the show!

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