‘9-1-1: Lone Star’ Recap: Season 4, Episode 9 “Road Kill”

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9-1-1: Lone Star stepped up the drama this week as Marjan is facing life or death when Kylie’s abusive boyfriend decides to take revenge on her. Meanwhile, the team is worried about her safety. Read on to find out what went down in “Road Kill.”

A Devastating Crash

A family drives down a winding road as their son and his friend discuss her amazing goals during their soccer game. The mother tells the girl who they call Mouse that she recorded both her goals so they can show her parents who weren’t able to attend. Both parents encourage her to celebrate her wins and they all begin cheering and shouting to encourage Mouse when she realizes the father has taken his eyes from the road and an oncoming car swerved into their lane. He jerks the wheel and the car goes spiraling off the nearest hill.

A Fresh Start for Kylie

While waiting for Kylie to buy a bus ticket, Marjan calls Owen and the gang who just finished extinguishing a fire to let them know where she is. They jokingly ask her to come back and she agrees. Everyone is ecstatic that she’s coming back to Austin and she demands they don’t throw a party, which of course they immediately begin planning to do. She agrees that she’ll be in town by the following day and will head straight to Owen’s place “for the paperwork”.

Following the police report against her abusive boyfriend, Grant, Marjan helps Kylie get a fresh start by selling her bike for cash and giving it to Kylie. Marjan tells her not to look back as she walks her to the bus headed to Florida where Marjan’s own sister will be close by if Kylie needs anything. Kylie thanks her for everything and gets on the bus.

From nearby, Grant watches Kylie board the bus but focuses his rage on Marjan. After getting a night’s rest she rents a car and starts the drive back to Austin. As she’s driving, a very familiar RV tailgates her and starts trying to run her off the road. Grant is furious about her helping Kylie and plans to get revenge. Terrified, Marjan tries to call 9-1-1 but the call drops both times as they are in the middle of no where in Texas with little signal. She sees a car coming and swerves sending her car careening over the nearby cliff.

The Fight for Life

Marjan wakes in her crashed car to find herself face to face with Mouse, the girl from the car. Marjan comments that she likely has a few broken ribs and a concussion, but Mouse tells her about her hurt friend and his family. Marjan and Mouse make their way to the car where Marjan realizes the whole family has died in the accident. She keeps Mouse from seeing their bodies and consoles the little girl who is understandably upset. Marjan is jumpy as she gets Mouse to focus on getting them back up to the road so they can signal for help. She knows Grant is still searching for her.

Meanwhile, Grant is (sadly) barely injured from running off the road and finds his gun in the RV. He loads it fully and heads out with nothing more than a limp to search for Marjan.

On the road, Marjan and Mouse flag down a truck with an elderly man who offers Marjan some duct tape to slow down the bleeding in her head wound. He turns from his truck to call 9-1-1 for them but before he can speak, he’s shot through the heart by Grant. Marjan and Mouse run back down the hill but not before Grant manages to shoot Marjan in the side. She bleeding heavily and Mouse has to help her walk as they try to escape Grant who is slowly following behind them shouting taunts after her. Marjan tries to convince Mouse to leave her and run for help, but Mouse refuses to go without her forcing Marjan to keep fighting.

They make their way to Grant’s RV where they bandage Marjan’s wound as much as they can and she marks the wall with a bloody “126” as proof that she was there. Marjan passes out, but wakes up before Grant finds them so she and Mouse keep running. They finally take refuge in a large culvert pipe, that’s blocked at the end by bars. Marjan has bled significantly this whole time and is barely able to stay conscious as they sit down in the pipe.

The 126 Grow Suspicious

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The 126 all gather at Owen’s place to wait for Marjan to arrive and throw her the return party she said she didn’t want. Everyone begins to worry when she doesn’t show and finally, when she’s over two hours late, Judd calls Grace to ask her to search for any information on Marjan. Grace discovers that Marjan’s name was entered as a witness in the police statement against Grant and her phone location is not longer working due to the bad signal. Based on her last tour hit, they deduce she can’t be too far from Austin. Carlos calls his father but they learn that the Rangers haven’t had any reports for accidents either.

Mateo finds Kylie on Instagram and manages to get her on the phone. Kylie tells them that their is a tracker on the RV and Grace is able to find it’s last known location, the sight of the crash. Owen, Judd, and Paul all jump in the car and head out to see if they can find Marjan.

The 126 to the Rescue

Owen, Judd, and Paul arrive at the sight of the crash to find the dead motorist near his truck. They spread out and begin searching for Marjan, calling her name. Judd finds the RV with Marjan’s “126” written on the wall and knows that she has to be close. In the pipe, Marjan can hear them calling for her but Grant holds her and Mouse at gunpoint and tells her to be quiet. Marjan argues that she’s dead either way and pulls out the flare gun she stole from his RV while they were there. She fires, hitting Grant square in the neck and he bleeds out. The nearby grass catches fire and the smoke alerts Owen who is nearest to where she is.

Owen arrives just before Marjan passes out. Marjan tells him to take Mouse first but Owen looks around confused. He tells her there’s no one else with her. He scoops her up as she passes out and takes her back up to the road where they speed off to the hospital.

Kevin Estrada/FOX

Everyone is waiting in the hospital waiting room as the surgeon arrives to inform them that Marjan’s surgery was a success and she’s awake but groggy. Owen and Paul head to the room first and Marjan thanks them for saving her. Owen asks her about the girl called Mouse and if that name has any significance. She says yes just as flowers are brought into the room. Marjan then recalls the crash from her childhood and losing her best friend to the accident. She remembers her parents arriving the hospital room (much like the one she’s in now) thankful that she is ok. The card on the flowers is from her family and addressed to their Mouse. The girl helping Marjan was her younger self.

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