‘The Mandalorian’ Recap: Season 3, Episode 4 “The Foundling”

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In this week’s episode of The Mandalorian, Din, Bo-Katan, and the Mandalorian covert set off on a rescue mission, and Grogu remembers his past.

Training with the foundlings

Bo-Katan observes as the Mandalorian covert trains on the beach. Din brings Grogu over to practice with the foundlings, though the Judge tries to argue that he’s too small. One of the foundlings asks Din why Grogu doesn’t wear a helmet, and he explains that he’s too young to speak the Creed yet. Their weapon of choice for the battle is training darts. The foundling gets two shots in on Grogu, who seems discouraged, but Din reminds him that he’s seen what he can do. Grogu uses the Force to evade the last shot and easily wins, landing three shots in a row on his opponent.


Suddenly, a creature swoops in and snatches up the foundling. Din, Paz, and two others pursue it with their jetpacks, following it to its lair. They’re forced to stop when they run out of fuel, and Paz explains that it always gets away. However, Bo-Katan’s ship then goes flying by. While she doesn’t take the raptor on alone, she does return to the covert with knowledge of the exact location of its lair. When Bo-Katan shows them the map, Paz believes that the mountains are too high, but she assures him that she learned how to climb peaks like that in basic training.

Grogu’s escape from Order 66

Grogu remains with the Armorer during the rescue mission, and she shows him the Forge. His face grows troubled, and we see his memories of Order 66 while at the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. Several Jedi die defending him from the clone troopers as they get him to where Kelleran Beq is waiting on the roof. They make a narrow escape, but the troopers continue to chase them. Kelleran manages to shake them just long enough to get to a ship, and they launch into hyperspace in the nick of time. Back in the present, the Armorer presents Grogu with a gift. As is tradition with the Mandalorians, they donate a small portion of what they earn to the foundlings, so she uses scraps of beskar to forge him a rondel.

The rescue

Bo-Katan, Din, Paz, and several Mandalorians make their way through the canyons, but they have to wait until the morning to scale the peak, so they make camp for the night. As they pass out food around the fire, Bo-Katan asks Din how she’s supposed to eat with others around, and he explains that she has to go find a place where she can be alone to take off her helmet. When everyone stands up, Paz tells her that because she’s the leader of the war party, she gets the honor of eating by the fire.

The next morning, they head out with stealth in mind, because the raptor can and will kill the foundling if it’s provoked. Without the aid of their jetpacks, their journey up the side of the mountain is a slow, arduous affair. They eventually make it up into the gigantic nest, but when Paz makes a run for the spot where they detect a heat source (revealing that the boy, Ragnar, is his son), it turns out to be three baby raptors instead. The adult raptor comes flying back over, coughing up a very much alive Ragnar, but it flies off with him again. The Mandalorians chase it on jetpacks, and when the raptor drops Ragnar mid-air, Din manages to catch him. Meanwhile, a much larger water-dwelling creature snatches up the raptor in its large jaws. When they return, the Mandalorians cheer for their success. The Armorer tells Bo-Katan that in rescuing a foundling, she has done the highest honor of the Creed. And it appears that the covert will have their hands full, because they brought back the three orphaned hatchlings.

This is the Way


Noticing that she lost one of her pauldrons, the Armorer brings Bo-Katan to the Forge to make her a new one. When she questions if she should inlay the signet of the Nite Owl for her, Bo-Katan decides that she wants the mythosaur on that one instead. Bo-Katan then asks the Armorer what she would say if she told her she saw a mythosaur, and the Armorer misunderstands, thinking she means it’s a vision, but she explains that she physically saw the real thing beneath the Living Waters on Mandalore. The Armorer doesn’t seem surprised, rather, she tells her that this is the Way.

The next episode of The Mandalorian will premiere exclusively on Disney+ next Wednesday, March 29th. Catch up on all of our episodic recaps here.

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