‘Shadow and Bone’ Recap: Season 2, Episode 7 “Meet You in the Meadow”

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In the seventh episode of the second season of Shadow and Bone, “Meet You in the Meadow,” a gruesome battle takes place as the Darkling and his Grisha stage an ambush.

Nothing (and everything) left to lose

Mal is sitting in the bath when the Darkling appears to him in a vision in an attempt to persuade him not to sacrifice himself as the third amplifier. However, Mal is unruffled by his presence, boldly referring to him as “cousin” while he points out the fact that merzost is killing him. And while that means the Darkling has nothing left to lose, he also has nothing in general. But Mal? He’ll be the one that dies in Alina’s arms, at least.

Dávid Lukács/Netflix

As they’re in the midst of discussing their plan of attack, Alina cries in Nikolai’s arms as she admits that Mal is the third amplifier. She asks Nikolai to promise that he’ll survive the battle because one of them has to. Dominik interrupts their conversation with news of the Darkling and his forces, and as he walks outside with Nikolai, he makes light of the fact that his friend is caught in a fake marriage with real feelings. Nikolai finds Mal standing on the ship, and when he sees the look on Mal’s face, he embraces him. Mal expresses how he envies Sturmhond’s life of freedom because, clearly, his path has always been set. He asks Nikolai to stand by Alina’s side when he’s gone … and to deserve her.

Alina gathers the Second Army to share her plans for the fight against Kirigan. Mal suggests that he and Alina go into the Fold alone to destroy it, announcing to the room that he’s the final amplifier. He tells her that the Darkling knows the truth now, too. She tells him she refuses to kill him. Tamar wonders if she were to stop his heart for two minutes and bring him back, would it be enough time to destroy the Fold? Further to that, David wonders if a fragment of Mal’s bone would do the trick. They agree that it’s worth trying.

The ambush

Nikolai’s ship takes off to the skies, but unfortunately, they realize that Kirigan has staged an ambush. His Grisha await on the ground below, rather than at Keramzin, and they send the Hummingbird plummeting to the ground. Nikolai and the survivors from the ship flee with the Darkling’s Grisha hot on their heels, including his three newly amplified soldiers — Vatra, Nisho, and Fruszi.

David is just about to cut off the tip of Mal’s finger when one of the nichevo’ya comes bursting in through the window. Meanwhile, the Darkling expands the Fold to encompass the fort. The volcra immediately wreak havoc, attacking people left and right. Inside the building, a nichevo’ya pursues David and Genya. Knowing that both of them won’t be able to escape, David seals Genya inside of a dumbwaiter with the intentions to sacrifice himself.

Outside, a nichevo’ya grabs Alina, and Mal is out of phosphorus bullets, so there’s nothing he can do to save her. But suddenly, the shadow monster dissolves, and they see Inej standing there with the Neshyenyer. Zoya and Nina wait above on a ship.

A gruesome battle

Dávid Lukács/Netflix

Nikolai and the survivors of the fort reconvene, but the Darkling’s Grisha continue to close in on them, pinning them between themselves and the volcra waiting in the Fold. A gruesome battle commences. Nikolai refuses to run because if Alina’s still inside, they can’t let them get to her. Dominik dies protecting Nikolai. With nearly everyone dead, Nikolai, Tamar, Nadia, and Adrik don’t seem to stand a chance against the Darkling’s three amplified Grisha. Until suddenly, Kaz, Jesper, and Wylan show up. Wylan uses one of his bombs, killing Vatra, and Jesper stands to take on Nisho and Fruszi (taking Sankta Neyar’s advice to heart, utilizing his Durast skills as a true Grisha should). With the group’s combined efforts, they manage to kill the last two.

To the heart of the Fold

Alina, Mal, Inej, Nina, and Zoya sail to the heart of the Fold, the one place they may stand a chance at destroying it. Mal and Alina hold onto one another, and power surges through her. They kiss, but the moment is interrupted by the arrival of the Darkling. He goes to attack them, but Alina beats him to the punch, successfully using the Cut … but Mal is also injured in the process. Meanwhile, the nichevo’ya takes Nina.

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