‘Shadow and Bone’ Recap: Season 2, Episode 3 “Like Calls to Like”

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In the third episode of the second season of Shadow and Bone, “Like Calls to Like,” Sturmhond’s true identity is revealed, Alina receives an important proposition, the Darkling schemes, and the Crows continue to try to move against Pekka Rollins.

The power of the Fold proves too strong

Alina now wears the sea whip’s fetter as her second amplifier. As they prepare for the next step of their journey, Sturmhond shows off one of his tricks — a flying ship. They enter the Fold, and Alina stands at the bow of the ship, a massive burst of power radiating from her as they cross. The darkness parts for them like the sea, but suddenly, thoughts of Kirigan throw her off. Her powers give out as she collapses onto the deck, and volcra immediately begin to attack. With a hole in the ship’s sails, they just barely make it out. Alina admits that two amplifiers won’t be enough to destroy the Fold.

Prince Nikolai Lantsov

The First Army approaches them as they climb out of the ship’s wreckage, and Sturmhond reveals himself to be Nikolai Lantsov, Major of the 22nd Regiment, Soldier of the King’s Army, Grand Duke of Udova, and Second Son to his Most Royal Majesty, King Pyotr the Third. As the army kneels in respect for the prince, when Nikolai announces that they’re in the presence of Alina Starkov herself, she walks up to him and punches him in the face.

Raevsky begins to fill Nikolai in on what he’s missed during his absence, including the poor decisions his brother, Vasily, is making as he commands the First Army. Then, Nikolai, Alina, Mal, Tolya, and Tamar set off on horseback. Alina is still angry with Nikolai for hiding his true identity from her, but he explains that as the prince, there was nothing he could do to help his country. As a privateer, he had the freedom to cultivate alliances, develop technologies, and gather intelligence. He admits to Alina that he was the one responsible for hiring Kaz Brekker and the Crows to kidnap her. He promises that the use of the First Army against the Grisha will stop now that he’s returned to Ravka. They arrive at the Spinning Wheel, his inventions workshop that’s now become a refuge for Grisha.

The Spinning Wheel

Nadia comes running outside, embracing Alina in greeting. She introduces her to her brother, Adrik. Alina is initially hesitant when she learns that Zoya is there, but things have changed since their time at the Little Palace, and Zoya admits that she acted out of jealousy. Nikolai, Alina, and Mal discuss the supposed locations of Grisha, and they realize that Kirigan must still be alive based on the mutilation of First Army soldiers. They need to find the firebird. Nikolai says that until they find it, there’s one way they can stop the country from falling apart and keep the Fjerdans off of their backs … Alina must marry him. While Alina is furious at the prospect, Mal tries to convince her that it’s honestly their best option. It will be difficult, but all that matters is that the two of them know what’s real.

The Crows

As they remain in hiding on Black Veil, Kaz looks through the stolen paperwork and notes that Pekka not only took over the Crow Club while they were gone, he also bought out all of Fifth Harbor. Jesper is angry by Kaz’s lack of compassion for the injuries the group has sustained. Kaz asks Jesper to look into what Pekka’s doing in Appelbroek, sending Wylan off with him. Meanwhile, he tells Nina that she can get a message to Matthias through one of the guards at Hellgate, Hiemstra. Once he’s alone, Kaz drifts back to another memory of Jordie and Pekka making a deal.

The secret of Alby Rollins


Jesper and Wylan visit Pekka’s supposed glass factory — at least that’s how it was recorded in the books — but the mansion they’re standing outside the gates of doesn’t appear to be a factory at all. Rather, he’s clearly been laundering money from his country estate. Though Wylan is content with that answer, Jesper wants to know what exactly the guards are keeping watch over, so they break in. As they sneak through the rooms, Jesper continues to prod Wylan, asking why he didn’t tell him they’d met before (and we realize clearly these two have “history.”) Suddenly, a small boy approaches … Alby Rollins.

Jesper and the guard both subtly begin to reach for their pistols, but recognizing the delicate situation, Wylan pretends that they’re there to fix the piano. In the process, they discover that Alby cut one of the piano’s strings because he hates playing it. Though they didn’t bring a spare, since they’re not actually repairmen, this poses an issue … but as a Durast, Jesper is secretly able to mend it. Alby plops down in the piano seat once it’s fixed, banging on the keys ruthlessly. Jesper is then stunned when Wylan sits down and plays.

A moment between Kaz and Inej

Inej returns to Black Veil, and she’s angry with Kaz for refusing to tell them all why he’s gambling with their lives over this blood feud with Pekka Rollins. Kaz points out that one of the bandages on her arm has begun to bleed through, and as she takes it off to change it, Kaz finally tells her — Pekka killed his brother. Understanding now, Inej says, “Then we destroy him.” Seeing that she’s struggling to reach the wound, Kaz carefully approaches her, timidly pressing the cloth to her skin to help clean it. They share a heavy moment, staring into one another’s eyes, but they’re interrupted by the arrival of Nina.

The Dregs

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Kaz heads to the Slat, where Per Haskell is entirely unenthused to see him. He tells him he needs six men for a job. But Haskell would prefer Pekka’s reward for Kaz’s body, so he tells the Dregs to kill him. It’s far too many on one, but Kaz has been fighting to survive his whole life, and he dispatches each man that comes at him. Kaz tells the men they’re with him now. Elsewhere, Inej goes to find Mogens at his shop, and they fight. It seems they may be evenly matched again, but with Kaz’s advice ringing in her head, she kills him.

When Jesper and Wylan return to Black Veil, they agree that they can’t tell Kaz about Alby. Jesper tells Wylan that this doesn’t need to be his fight, but Wylan assures him he’s not going anywhere. Kaz informs them that the Dregs have opted to join them, and even if they were planning to keep it a secret, he’d already deduced that Pekka had a son based on the name the Kaelish Prince. Worried about what Kaz will do to the boy, they remind him that Alby’s just a kid.

David’s return

While the Darkling has freed Baghra from her imprisonment under the waterfall, he’s still keeping her locked up in a cage. He reflects back on the past when his mother taught him that Grisha were superior, though time has changed her perspective, and they no longer share the same beliefs. She notes that there was a moment when he had a chance to earn Alina’s love rather than attempting to just claim her power.

The Darkling continues to recruit stray Grisha, but Genya’s reunion with David is a somber one, as she immediately warns him that he needs to run. But with Kirigan standing right behind her, all David can do is hug her close and tell her to shush. The Darkling explains to David that the nichevo’ya have plagued him with a cough, and he thinks he may be able to help him find a solution. He proceeds to ask David to look into the connection between an amplifier and the amplified because he’s wondering if he would be able to feel if Alina survived.

Genya and David attempt to flee

Vladim tells the Darkling that a massive light event, as reported in the fold … Alina has returned. He storms into Baghra and demands to know where to find the firebird. When she refuses to help, he cuts off one of her fingers and tells David and Vladim to do something with it because Morozova used finger bones as amplifiers. David rushes in to tell Genya, and although they don’t think Alina will be able to forgive them for what they did to her, they need to try to warn her now that she’s in East Ravka. The two of them make a run for it, and Kirigan chases them down on horseback. Genya screams as the shadow monsters attack her, and David escapes with Morozova’s journal.

Matthias’ first fight

Dávid Lukács/Netflix

Meanwhile, Matthias and his cellmate scoop excrement out of animal cages. As a drüskelle, he’s upset when he comes across caged wolves — they are sacred to Djel. The guards walk in, in need of another fighter for the ring, and they choose Matthias. Meanwhile, Nina approaches Hiemstra, but he tells her he can’t talk because Pekka is there … it’ll have to wait until after the fight. Unfortunately, Matthias is the one fighting. She watches in horror as Matthias steps into the ring, but he wins easily. Nina tries calling out to him from the crowd, and he turns to her for a moment before walking away. Pekka’s men grab Nina, and he tells her that if she doesn’t bring him, Kaz, Matthias’ next fight will be to the death.

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