‘Wolf Pack’ Recap: Season 1, Episode 6 “After Party”

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In this week’s episode of Wolf Pack, the case of the mystery werewolf comes to a head, Everett is gaining more strength, and the werewolf claims yet another victim. Keep reading for everything that happens in “After Party.”

The Case of the Mystery Werewolf

The pack is still on the hunt to track down the mystery werewolf that is slowly killing those around them. After Phoebe and Tia’s party, everyone is locked inside the house waiting for something to come out of the shadows. Everett is talking to a guy about their age, and at first, he thinks he’s had an adverse reaction to the mushrooms. He keeps repeating to Everett that he doesn’t remember his name. Once everyone gets settled in, Everett asks where the blonde boy went. Nobody knew who he was referring to, but as an act of precaution, Harlan and Cyrus venture into the woods to find him. What they find instead is a werewolf staring back at them. Kristin comes up behind them and cocks her gun, firing off warning shots. Harlan and Cyrus make a run for it while Kristin tries to get it to remember itself. Garrett runs into the woods with his loaded silver bullet gun and shoots it in the arm. Momentarily, it turns into the kid Everett was talking to inside.

Curtis Bonds Baker/Paramount+

A Test of Strength

Everett’s dad noticed Everett hadn’t been taking his pills. And he knows this because he still counts them. Everett realizes then that lately, he hasn’t felt the need to take them. He has felt no side effects from stopping his medication, so he thinks he doesn’t need them anymore. His dad talks about his own medications, including his little blue pills that if he stops taking, he’ll turn into a person they don’t recognize. So Everett needs to keep taking his medications, even on his good days. Everett pretends to swallow one and when he’s away from his dad, he spits it into the bathroom sink. Even his tremors are gone.

No Phone Policy

At the party, Blake tells Phoebe why she’s been “ignoring” her. Blake reveals that the reason she doesn’t have a phone and doesn’t feel the need to have one is that she doesn’t live online. A year prior, her dad asked her to help open her mom’s phone. After finally complying, he found evidence of her cheating on him. Back at the motel, Everett checks on Blake. She tells him that if she wants her to, she’ll get a phone but he doesn’t care about that; he doesn’t need a phone to find her. They share a kiss.

Hidden in Plain Sight

Luna gives Harlan a heads up the cops are at the house to arrest Cyrus, so he takes him back to his house and they hide in the stable until Luna, Everett, and Blake get there. While they’re waiting, Harlan presses his luck and asks Cyrus if he started the fires. He swears he didn’t, but Harlan makes him repeat it so he can listen to his heartbeat for changes. He’s telling the truth. The cops are still trying to find Cyrus, specifically Kristin. Garrett tries to cover as best he can, but he also doesn’t know the whole truth either. Finally, he corners Cyrus in the barn and asks if he really set the fires. Once again Cyrus says no and this time Garrett believes him. But there are others that don’t, so he has to prove himself.

Curtis Bonds Baker/Paramount+

The Next Victim

Phoebe puts Tia to sleep and heads outside for a late-night swim. She hears growling in the distance and as she turns to investigate; the werewolf appears behind her. Once she turns back around, it lunges at her and kills her. Austin is also still at the house, tossing and turning in another room. Through the glass roof, he sees a stream of red, blood, and the wolf dragging Phoebe’s body.

Lone Survivor

Cyrus, hidden by Harlan after his attempted arrest at the party, tells the pack about the phone call, letting it slip that there was also a survivor of the fires that killed the hot shot crew including his father. Malcolm works at the hospital as an orderly. Harlan, Luna, Blake, and Everett visit the man at work to question him. At first, he brushes them off, sticking to his story about the fire causing death. Once Luna asks if what they saw was a werewolf he stops in his tracks. He brings them to an abandoned wing of the hospital and starts recounting what really happened. One man threw a rock at the wolf trying to deter it but it only made it angrier. After firing off many shots, nothing was stopping it. Eventually, Cyrus’ dad shot it in its forehead but they found it still breathing. The fire transformed it into a werewolf. But that wasn’t the only wolf in the woods. As they were out of bullets, the other wolf charged at the crew and killed them all. Malcolm managed to run away.

An Angered Pack

Once Harlan, Luna, Everett, and Blake return back to the twins’ home, Harlan notices the light in the stable is on. They rush outside only to find Garrett there, not Cyrus. Harlan confronts his dad, and Garrett tells him the truth, he’s much safer with Kristin at this point. Harlan gets aggressive and angry, his eyes glowing yellow and his fangs coming out, The camera pans to the rest of the pack who are reacting the same way and Garrett manages to snap Harlan out of it by reminding him of who he is.

Mystery Solved?

The pack seems to think the wolves were Harlan and Luna’s birth parents — at least until Garrett tells them it was a young boy. The one they saw the other night couldn’t have been their father. Everett then gets a weird wolfy epiphany that his name is Baron. And he’s Harlan and Luna’s brother.

The first six episodes of Wolf Pack are available on Paramount+.

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