‘Anne Rice’s Mayfair Witches’ Recap: Season 1, Episode 7 “Tessa”


In this week’s episode of Anne Rice’s Mayfair Witches, Rowan and the family look for a missing Tessa. Will they find her in time? Read on to find out what happens!

Can Ciprien Free Himself?

Without the key in his hands, Ciprien remains trapped in the memory of the village Lasher burned for Suzanne. He can hear Arjuna telling him that he must find his own way out of the memory by finding the key in the memory. It will be his portal out of the memory. Florie finds him and leads Ciprien to Suzanne in the cabin. She’s wearing the necklace, but Lasher begins laughing from the corner as Ciprien tries to grab for it.

Lasher reveals he’s in no human memory, but in Lasher’s memory. He also informs Ciprien that Rowan is pregnant, who begs Lasher to let him go to her. Lasher refuses to let him “domesticate” Rowan. Ciprien knows that Rowan using her power will only strengthen Lasher.

i am a part of her just as she is a part of me. we’re bound together. She doesn’t see it yet but she will, and in her hour of greatest need, it’s me that she’ll call for.

With that, Lasher locks Ciprien inside the memory to die. Outside the cabin is only blackness, and in a last-ditch effort, he makes henbane tea, a poison, and drinks it. The tea works, and he wakes up back in his body.

Rowan’s Unexpected Visitor

Alfonso Bresciani/AMC

Walking home after the ceremony, Rowan gets a sudden stomach cramp and uses her power to look inward. She sees an egg implanting and realizes with a shock that she’s pregnant. She instantly calls Cip, who doesn’t answer before then mentally reaching out to Lasher to ask if he made her pregnancy happen. She gets no answer.

When it’s realized that Tessa is missing, Rowan stays at the house hoping to help find her after JoJo has a premonition of Tessa being in trouble. The family is not kind to her after she clearly wanted to rid herself of them. However, Dolly instantly realizes Rowan is pregnant even if she’s only hours along. Dolly whispers the truth that Cortland even was looking for Tessa takes priority. Cortland tries, forcefully, to convince Rowan to call out to Lasher, but she refuses and leaves. Once alone, Cortland immediately calls Ciprien’s boss, Albrecht, to let him know that Rowan is pregnant and out searching for Tessa in the woods.

Tessa’s Kidnapping

After performing the transference ceremony, Tessa went hunting for the men who have Deidre’s heart, only to be ambushed. She calls for Lasher but quickly discovers that the ceremony failed, and the men take her hostage in a warehouse. She’s held in a box with her hands and feet bound, gagged, and a bandana over her eyes to prevent her from using her gift.

She’s able to convince one capture, Keith, to remove her gag and blindfold and nearly gets free before he’s snapped out of her trance. They decide to try and coerce her into using her powers so they will have hard evidence of witchcraft. Arlo tells the team they’ll use the threat of burning alive to draw a confession from her. Meanwhile, Tessa tries calling to Lasher again but gets no response.

Tessa is adamant that she’s not a witch, even as they string her up and build a pyre around her feet. With everything set up and the accelerant poured, the group interrogate her on camera. Tessa continues to tell them she’s innocent.

Finding Tessa

When the family scry conducts a location ritual that fails, Rowan steps up to offer her own blood, knowing that Tessa is wherever Deirdre’s heart is at. Alonzo agrees, and the spell works, so the family split up in the wooded area to search for Tessa. Driving alone through the area, a crow lands on Rowan’s car, and she chooses to follow the bird, which leads her to the warehouse.

Meanwhile, now awake, Albrecht drives Ciprien to a bridge, where he tosses his keys into the river and informs Cip that they will not be saving Rowan, Rowan must call on Lasher and save herself. He reminds Ciprien yet again that they are to observe and not interfere, but Ciprien realizes Albrecht is in this with Lasher to some degree. He wants her to fulfill the prophecy but refuses to tell Cip what the prophecy is.

Rowan arrives at the warehouse alone and chooses to go in when she hears Tessa scream. Rowan uses her powers to kill two of them while two others make a run for it. One drops the torch and sets the pyre alight while the woman pulls Arlo’s gun and shoots Rowan in the shoulder just before Rowan kills her. Rowan unties Tessa, who gives her back the necklace just before Keith screams behind them and shoots Tessa, killing her. Realizing that was the final bullet, Keith makes a run for it. Furious, Rowan puts the necklace on and says the incantation to call Lasher.

Anne Rice’s Mayfair Witches airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on AMC. You can find our other coverage of the series here.

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