Recap: ‘Walker: Independence’ Season 1, Episode 11 “The Pittsburgh Windmill”

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Walker: Independence returns from a two-week hiatus with Kate, Hoyt, Abby, and Gus coming together to help Calian.

The Plan

Abby wakes up after the night with Tom and has flashbacks of their night together. As she leaves Hagans she runs into Calian and Gus. They tell Abby about how Calian’s tribe is in danger. Calian says he wanted to see Tom to see if he’d help. Abby said she’ll talk to Tom for them. Abby tells Gus that Shane is the one that can’t be trusted, not Tom. Abby tells Gus that Tom sent telegrams looking for Shane. Gus goes to ask about telegrams, and Tom only sent two; one to Texarkana and one to Boston.

Abby heads to the sheriff’s office where she finds Tom. Abby brings up Calian and his tribe, but Tom says it’s out of his control and that the government will do what they please. He tells Abby that if anyone can move mountains, it’s her. Molly arrives at the office and says that she wanted to report a burglary; cotton swabs and a sewing kit, which Tom thinks it’s Shane. He asks Abby to join him for dinner tonight and she agrees.

Calian and Gus arrive to see Abby, and she researched eminent domain. Gus and Abby visit the land office and look at having the railroads rerouted.

Kai comes into see Kate and asks if she got the sketches. She says she should have said something to him, and says she’s having a hard time reconciling the person she thought he was, with the kind of person who killed people as he did. He says she lied, too.

At the Side Step, Calian comes in to see Hoyt. Hoyt tries to come up with plans to help. As they’re talking, a young man comes in and points a gun at Hoyt and wants money. Hoyt makes a move and takes his gun. Hoyt gives him tips on how to rob a place and says he reminds him of himself.

Abby comes in to see Kate too, and Abby says there’s something more important to discuss. They go to the Side Step to see Hoyt, Calian, and Gus pull off a plan to con the railroad men. They need to stop the meeting between the railroad executive and the federal land officer. The plan is to have two separate meetings; Kate pretending to be the federal land officer, while Hoyt pretends to be the railroad executive. If they replace the original document with an altered copy and get it signed by both, they’d have to move the railroad elsewhere.

The plan works out, and as they go to leave, the kid tries to rob Hoyt and Parker (the federal land officer). Hoyt gives him some money and a wink.

Calian pulls Kate aside and tells her that Kai saw her with the railroad executive earlier. Gus tells Abby that Tom lied about sending all those telegrams, and he’s going to go out to Tom’s cabin.

Abby and Kate finally talk about Tom, and Abby said she saw a different side of Tom. Kate says they all put their lives on the line for her. Abby apologizes for putting her in that position. Hoyt tells Calian anything else he needs and he’ll be there.

Kai and Kate promise no more secrets between them. Kate tells him about the plan, and Kai gets angry saying they put the entire town in danger.

The Davidsons and the Barn

Tom goes to look for Ruby and asks if she’s seen Shane, and she said he was there the night before. She tells Tom Shane was headed to his cabin. Gus runs into Tom and asks how he can help look for Shane.

Tom goes to his cabin where he gets tricked and knocked out by Shane. Shane ties Tom up in the barn and tortures him. Gus goes to the cabin and sees Shane and Tom. Tom tells Gus to shoot Shane, and Shane tries to say it’s Tom. Tom and Shane fight to get loose, and two gun shots ring out, but we can’t see who got shot.

Walker: Independence airs Thursday nights on The CW.

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