‘The Rookie’ Recap: Season 5, Episode 13 “Daddy Cop”

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The Rookie is back with another episode! This week Lucy helped Tim find a job that he’ll love, and Celina stepped up and handled some career firsts.

Sargeant Tim Bradford, Metro

Tim is settled into his new desk job. He’s doing well with it but clearly isn’t enjoying it. When some of the people from Metro show up for a case, Lucy gets the idea of finding him somewhere else to go, like Metro. She asks Nyla about it, who says it’s a tricky idea because she’ll have to get a lot of people to move departments, and if anything goes wrong, she could burn some bridges.

Lucy starts by talking to a guy from Metro who is struggling with the hours on top of having triplets. She offers to give him Tamara’s information in case he ever needs a babysitter so she can build a rapport with him. She later meets up with the others at Nolan’s because he has power, and they don’t.

At Nolan’s, she works with Angela, Nyla, James, Nolan, and Bailey to plot out who needs to move to what department to get Tim in at Metro. It takes a lot of shuffling, but the main trigger is getting someone to retire. The only person who could help get them to retire is Smitty, though. Lucy convinces him to, but it comes at a cost.

The next day, Tim excitedly goes up to Lucy and tells her about all the moving around that happened, including the opening at Metro. She plays that she didn’t know anything about it as he goes on. He tells her that there’s no longer an opening at Metro, though, because he got the call a minute ago about filling it. He tells her that they should go out to eat to celebrate, but she tells him that she promised to help a friend already. This being her having to clean Smitty’s trailer out in exchange for his help with all of this.

Celina Takes Charge

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When Celina doesn’t know something that she should, Grey tells Nolan that he’s going to ride with her so he can evaluate her progress and Nolan’s training. While on patrol, they spot a couple of men stealing some power saws. Celina notices it and has a bad feeling. With some pushing from Grey, she feels out of the situation and finds real reasons that this isn’t right rather than just a feeling, and they make an arrest.

There’s a big heatwave, and Grey needs to be working on that. He has Celina running a major part of the command, which confuses Nolan because they don’t give many people that responsibility, let alone a rookie.

Celina struggles in the role because of the amount of work and because she can’t get ahold of her mom. Tim notices and offers to help her. Later, he gets her to open up about who she’s trying to reach, and they check in on her together. Before they go in, Celina asks Tim if she can lie to her mom about her being on patrol because she thinks she’s just doing a desk job. She’s fine, but she lost power, and her phone died.

Back at the station, Grey talks to Celina and explains that the point of putting her in charge was to show the weakness of her not being good at asking for help and to prompt her to work on it. They have a heart-to-heart about how she has a family at the station too.

Ghost Guns

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With the heatwave, the station has lost power but is running on a generator. Aaron and Nolan go check it out when the power shuts off, and the generator doesn’t kick on. Downstairs, they find two officers messing with it. Neither Aaron nor Nolan recognize them, though, and push for more details. They slip up quickly and say they’re from a station that doesn’t exist and are taken into custody.

They admit to Nolan that they were trying to free their friend, who got arrested by taking the generator. Wesley and Angela tell him all that he’ll be charged with but get him to agree to give them information for a lesser sentence. He tells them about a ghost gun dealer that he knows.

Angela calls in Metro because it’s their case. She fills them in on the case, and they plan an operation together. In the operation, Angela is going in as a UC to buy a gun from the dealer, with Metro, Nolan, and Aaron backing her up. While inside, someone recognizes her and pulls a gun on her. At that moment, they lose the security camera visual that they had on the outside. Nolan and the team go to move in, but he sees Angela throw down her purse, which is a signal to not come in. She manages to take charge of the situation and get the gun before walking out and letting them raid the place.

Wesley and Angela work with one of the ghost guns dealers to crack another deal. He’s got a connection to a big drug operation that he could give them. Celina runs point on checking out the lead with Grey, Nolan, and Aaron there to back her up. While checking out the scene, they realize that there’s a kid in the house where they’re making the drugs, so they need to get her out before they can do anything.

Grey talks back over the scene. He has Nolan hit the car outside the house to lure out the person inside so he and Celina can sneak in and get the kid. There’s another man inside making the drugs, so they need to sneak past him. Celina goes in for the girl who doesn’t leave easy because she’s wrapped up in her game. When Celina takes the game away, she starts screaming and gives them away. The others work on getting the guys inside while Celina keeps trying to get the girl out. The fight breaks open some of the drugs, though, which start traveling through the house via powder. Celina gets the girl out the bathroom window but can’t get herself out. Nolan goes in after she and Aaron give her Narcan outside. They get her to the hospital, and she’s fine.

Two Wrongs

Lucy responds to a call from a man who owns a storage unit lot. A strange smell is coming from one of the units, and he wants to have her check it out. Inside, they find a freezer with a body inside. She calls Nyla in to help out. They identify the man as a thief with a long list of priors. He was currently pretending to work for an older lady to get access to her things to steal.

Nyla talks to the lady and her caregiver, who aren’t much help. The caregiver asks if she can have the lady’s son get in touch with Nyla to help out, and they leave. As they leave, Nyla notices a tremor in the caregiver’s hand. This comes into play when Nyla gets the autopsy back for the victim. He died of mercury poisoning, and a known symptom is tremors. She digs deeper into the lady’s history and finds that nine patients she cared for at her previous profession died of the same poisoning.

She brings the lady in for questioning and pretends to not know what Nyla is talking about at first but folds quickly. She thanks Nyla for catching her and tells her that she’s not sure why she does it.

The Rookie will be back on Tuesday, January 31 at 8 p.m. EST. Until then, check out our other coverage of the show!

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