‘Wolf Pack’ Recap: Season 1, Episode 1 “From a Spark to a Flame”

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The season premiere of the Paramount+ Wolf Pack series based on the Edo van Belkom book series sees a raging California wildfire that blocks the roadway, trapping a bus full of high school students in its wake. Everett and Blake encounter something lurking in the flames and smoke as Luna and Harlan cross the fire line in a desperate search for their missing Park Ranger father. Keep reading for everything that happens in “From a Spark to a Fame.”

Keep on Burning

A bunch of high school students are on the bus, stuck in traffic because of a fire burning in the woods next to them. Blake and Everett are inspecting the fire through the window when they get word that neighborhoods, some that they live in, are being evacuated.

Animals storm out of the woods — deer, rams, horses, wolves — causing mass chaos as everyone runs out of the area. Unfortunately, it leads to many people being trampled, injured, and even worse, killed. Everett saves Blake from danger when he realizes that the both of them got bitten.

Steve Dietl/Paramount+

Twice Bitten

Blake hurries off to get home before the fires reach her house while Everett, experiencing severe blurred vision, gets himself to the hospital for care. Blake soon realizes she’s bitten as well, but there’s not much she can do about it as she needs to get her, her brother, and their dad to a shelter before they run out of space. They get stuck in traffic, so Blake offers to help pay for a motel room which causes a bit of an argument between her and her dad.

Both Blake and Everett experience hallucinations about each other that inadvertently lead them to one another. Blake dashes out from the motel to head back to her house where Everett was also being called after breaking out of the hospital. At her house, Blake questions why he’s following her, but as they attempt to sort out why and what bit them, a giant wolf appears and chases after them. Blake’s dog attempts to ward it off while they make a break for it, eventually getting out of the house and making a run for it. Once they’ve successfully outrun it, everything catches up to Blake and she has an anxiety attack, so Everett helps her through it.

Blake realizes she has to make it back to her family, leaving Everett to answer a call from investigator Kristin Ramsey, asking him to help her solve the case of the teenage arsonist that caused the fire. It could be someone he knows, even someone that was on the bus with him.

Club Nights

Harlan is eying up the DJ who quickly takes notice of him. After his set, they exchange a few flirtatious quips and head to the back for a heated makeout session. Luna, his twin sister, quietly interrupts them to pull her brother aside. She hasn’t heard from their adoptive father who is a park ranger and was in the woods at the time of the fire. Harlan doesn’t think it’s a big deal but they both take notice that their senses are heightened more than normal, so they take advantage and go where their dad was last seen.

They can’t find him, but they find his truck with giant claw marks on the side of it. As they continue their search, Garrett, their adoptive father, is seen trying to navigate through the woods. The flames are becoming too much to handle, causing severe exhaustion. He takes out a tape recorder to record a message for them but quickly realizes that his kids still need him, and he continues on.

Not a Chance Meeting

Harlan, Luna, Blake, and Everett all hear wolf noises in the distance that cause their eyes to roll back, leading all of them deep into the woods. They eventually all stop in the middle of a parking lot wondering how and why they were brought there. It’s quickly discovered that this wasn’t a chance meeting, as all of their eyes start glowing yellow. Harlan tries to silence Luna as she begins to realize that maybe this is the pack she’s been searching for her whole life.

Steve Dietl/Paramount+

The series premiere of Wolf Pack is now available to stream on Paramount+.

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