‘Criminal Minds: Evolution’ Recap: Season 16, Episode 8 “Forget Me Knots”

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In this week’s episode of Criminal Minds: Evolution, the BAU is hot on the Sicarius case with recent developments that may lead to a breakthrough. Plus, JJ and Will fill Henry, who’s become a detective of his own, in on what they’ve been hiding. Keep reading for everything that happens in “Forget Me Knots.”

He’s Just Like His Parents

Henry and Michael are getting ready to head to school. After they leave, JJ and Will are doing a morning briefing before work where they are discussing the Sicarius case and if there are any new leads. Henry forgets one of his books and heads back in the house where he overhears his parents talking about Will’s recent trip to the doctor that revealed his levels stabilized and he won’t need any tests for six months.

During family night, JJ and Henry are alone and he asks if Will is okay. She wonders why he’s asking and he tries to brush it off, but he tells her she avoided the question and if something is wrong he wants to know. She promises she isn’t lying to make him feel better, and he believes her (momentarily, at least) and heads to his room to search up what an oncologist is.

JJ uncovers Will’s bat under Henry’s bed, and they wonder how long its been there. Henry comes downstairs and asks who Dr. Harvey is. Will tells him and Henry asks why JJ lied to him, but Will assures him they didn’t have all the answers and didn’t want to worry him, but they should have known he can handle it.

Will asks why he has his bat under his bed which Henry claims is for protection from Sicarius. He asks if JJ was one of the two injured agents to which she says yes, but she’s okay. But Henry doesn’t want to assume the worst, so he needs to know something about him to reassure him that everything will be okay.

Indio, California

Elias has handpicked his latest victim, Ramona, a real estate agent with a husband and two daughters. He scouts her out at her job, a real estate office on 2nd street in Indio, California, and meets her at an open house. He’s looking for something with a view of the mountains and a little extra space. She knows just the place. When he suggests meeting her there because he’s going to rideshare, she offers to take him there herself.

She wakes up in, presumably a basement, and he uses her to “rehearse” the conversation he’s going to have with his wife about what he’s been doing. If she complies, he’ll let her go. But not without threatening her family first so she can’t tell the police what he looks like. He eventually hands her off to another one of his cohorts, Arthur, who has been ready and waiting with the kill kit. He takes her to an abandoned warehouse and hangs her from the ceiling. Planning on “following the rules,” a wrench gets thrown in the plans when he overhears on a police scanner that cops are looking for Ramona. He calls Elias to let him know, telling him to handle her and then get out of town for a little while. He leaves her hanging with the noose around her neck, fully expecting her to snap her own neck at some point.

Rossi and Luke perform a chase, and they eventually corner him. They want to take him into custody alive to get more information but they have no choice but to shoot and kill him once he aims his gun at Rossi.

She eventually passes out as Tara and Luke get her down and stable so they can bring her to the hospital. When Tara asks if she can describe what he looks like so they can get a sketch out, Ramona is clearly shaken and worried about her family so she tells Tara she never saw his face. Tara knows that’s a lie.

I’m Coming Home

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Elias calls his wife, Bridget, to let her know he is ready to come home. He asks how the girls are, and she’s irate. He’s been gone 10 days — how does he think they are? Or her for that matter? He tells her he has a lot to tell her, that he can’t hide things from her anymore or lie. When he asks if he can come home, she tells him she never said he had to leave in the first place. He lets her know he’ll be home by nightfall.

Door to Door

Rossi has enlisted Penelope’s help in identifying Sicarius. Once he realizes that in the footage he’s grabbing his phone to silence it, he has her pull records to the nearest tower by the hardware store and calls out of the Pacific Northwest. The call was made around 9:20 p.m., but it leaves them a lot to work with. Penelope is going to need a lot more time. So, Rossi decides to go old school and door-to-door. He knocks on the Voit’s residence, and his wife answers.

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